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my lil homey is bout to finally sign with the big leagues…. he’s signed to Surf Club and reps SC tough, but a few majors are on his bumper heavy right now…. any day now and he’ll be officially signed. He could do it without a major label, but I’m pretty sure he knows what he’s doin and he wants that major label exposure.
shout out to his manager Money Making Matt who I’m really proud of too for sticking there with dude and super grinding it out….

last night he was the 2nd opening act before J Cole got on, but not the actual super early opening act that went on when the place was not even cracking yet….. he got on and the crowd showed major love…

the crowd early… already hyped… it was a sold out show btw


Chase brought out his surf club crew brother Hit-Boy to do Niggas in Paris and the crowd went ape shit! fyi, if you didn’t know Hit-Boy produced that track for Kanye and Jay, then they did another joint… #CRAY

YG came out rockin the crowd and showing Chase some extra LA love….
then YG did a snippet of Bitches ain’t Shit and then….. he did Toot It and Boot It and the place went HAM….. everyone of us came out and while I was trying to video tape it, Matt’s heavy ass hands fucked up my video! smh. lol…. fuck it… I put on YG’s chain and just 2 stepped with my young homies…

at the end when the show was done, YG shouted me out 3 times loud…. lol… “we got Ben Baller in this motherfucker, N***AS GOT MONEY IN THIS MOTHERFUCKER!” lol crazy mane….

went back up to the dressing room… and chilled and talked shit for a minute…. YG was throwin dice with him boys and then had another show to do in OC, so I caught a real quick flick of the homies….

YG’S chain that I made…. it’s the size of an iPad!

Hit-Boy, YG and Chase

so after that, I was pretty much out…. I was trying to get some Chili Cheese Fries from Wienerschnitzel, but they closed by the time I got there…. I didn’t stay to see J Cole because I didn’t really care….. that’s my dude, but I was there to strictly support Chase. Much love again to his whole crew and my boy Matt for getting me my VIP love.

by the time I was walking out, J Cole just got on stage and was performing his 1st song….

shout out to my homey Karen Civil and Tristen Wilds who were both there chillin

I don’t have much planned this weekend, but I’ll be spending it with loved ones, so that’s always good….

shout out again to the WorldStar crew who keep gettin Icier and Icier!

p.s. for real theaux, really look out for my dude Chase N Cashe because he’s the next up in line for real! I never seen Drake co-sign anyone as hard as he does Chase…. and his Surf Club crew are doing it major right now…. shout out again to my homey Hit-Boy who got major major hits! that Rihanna single is next!


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