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damn it’s been a LONGGGGG time since I posted anything huh?
well check this out, after the sale we had the units we moved, you wouldn’t be able to do shit either! thank you to everyone who participated in our sale. we honestly made a 10% margin profit on these items… our next sale will be before valentines day and then pretty much nothing until the holiday season again 2013.

while we were making shit tons of Jesus Pieces, I had a few things happen that were worth mentioning…

a client in the midwest who served our country wanted me to make him a piece that defines the Highest ranking non commissioned officer and he wanted it in rose gold and with some bright white round diamonds….

well, you know we did that!


this chain is so clean and so beautiful. we made it really heavy too. it’s about the size of a standard jesus piece and stay tuned, I think we might make one in yellow and white for him

so I had to shake to San Francisco to be with my wife’s family out there and it’s tradition we do that each year… this was my 3rd Christmas with them and this time around it was fucking freezing…. but what was so important was that it was London’s first xmas!

before we get into the christmas thing… I haven’t cared about Christmas since I was maybe 19 years old… it’s mostly for the kids in my family and stuff… and my wife, obviously it was special because my son is here now, but I only gave out gifts to 3 people over the age of 10 and one of them was my brother Nick Diamond….

that’s only about 10 racks in the nightclub welcome to the champagne Hooligan crew fam. 6 Liters of Veuve Clicquot yellow label to the head! and congrats on getting engaged fam. of course you know I made the ring

did some shopping around union square and honestly? so much has evolved since the early 90’s when I lived there and of course I’ve visited hundreds of times since then, but seriously, there has been trillions of dollars made on the internet just right there in the bay…. it’s so much more of a metropolitan feel than LA is and of course LA is where I was born and bred, but in 5 or so more years, I’d love to live in SF, somewhere in Pacific Heights and raise London out there… all the shopping is right there too  so how cold was it?

that’s cold for california. fuck… it hit 18 degrees by palmdale that same night! it was a perfect night for some sinigang! jesus at the amount of food we ate during xmas at my in laws family’s house smh…. I mean, every christmas morning, we have this filipino breakfast and I must have had 4 helpings of longanisa and eggs smh! so good! but on a healthier note!

can’t tell me London isn’t the flyest kid out there! Gucci jacket, gucci onesie on underneath, Joe’s skinny jeans and some Supra Croc Skytops!

smh, thank god he got my wife’s looks!
thanks to Junior at Ray Ban for hooking up my son with a few pairs of baby shades much love to the Zumiez in Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton, CA and to Kris over there…. they handle biz! that’s where I’m pretty sure I want to do my instore for my BB neff watch and that mall is pretty cool for what it is out there that far in the east bay. hope to see you at Zumiez 100K made some shit for the ladies that is worth posting…


14k custom “JM” charm all prong set and with VVS’s, and it’s a lot cleaner in person…

made my boy Rex’s wife a nice big sideways cross…. I should have sent her that box of Bottega Louie macaroons too but back to big things… my boy Game hit me up as soon as I touched back down in LA and wanted 12 rolex’s for his boys….

I thought he was bluffing til I seen this

so I met up with him at Kate Mantilini’s (from the Movie “HEAT”) and dropped off the watches to the whole team…

but he made it worth my while of course… Game said 15 Rolex’s in his tweet, but I only brought 12, he had 3 already. and 2 were on HIS wrist lol

much love to the entire Black Wall Street fam here’s a video of the quick wrap up of the evening’s event

Ben Baller presents Rolex watches to GAME and Roley Boyz from TaydoeTV on

I finally got to eat at Fat Cow at the Grove yesterday and it was alright. not fantastic, but definitely tasty and surprisingly on the expensive side.

I personally rather have a #9 at Roscoe’s…. BUT AS IF 12 Rolex’s wasn’t enough? after eating at the Grove and finding a missing piece for my NYE outfit, I get a call from thee biggest star in the world… my little homey Justin Bieber hit me up

tells me he wants 2 jesus pieces and some grills and whatever I got…
so I rushed back to my house to drop off London with Nic and got my grill mold kit and whatever ice I had lol… met back up in Beverly Hills with JB and we sat in his sick ass Sprinter and chopped it up… He asked where London was and I said he could meet him next time when I finish making the jewels… but in the meantime, he copped 2 chains from me and 2 new jesus pieces which I’ve never made in this custom size before and hooked him and Lil Twist up with some fronts

lol, my boy already knows he’s the man.

while JB is trying on chains, I’m catching up with him and Ryan(his best friend since he was a youth, which I love because dude is all the way solid and not with the hollywood bullshit) and Justin tells me that he wanted to be on my show to fuck with Jacob! damn man, that would have been hard! oh well, we’ll get him on when I hit network. He’s always had my back when it came to press.

btw, he showed me his new Ferrari and it’s pretty sick. a LOT of custom work done, but fuck it, he’s young and filthy rich… I’m definitely going to take it out and whip it around town soon

and with that pic… cat’s already know where to go when they need that official swag thanks again Justin

thanks to everyone again for 2012. it’s been the best year of my life so far. seriously, everyone is counting 2012 out already, but there are 2 days left! still a couple million to easily be made before the new year!

everyone be safe and if you’re in San Diego for NYE, you might see me or my Ghost floating around downtown

god bless

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