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friday night I got word that an OG that I know passed away

he’s as OG as you can get and spent a lot of his life behind bars and every major penitentiary on the west coast…. but he spent also most of his life saving people and getting them clean and sober. He helped out a lot of the homies get right and back on track. so I gotta show love. I used to fuck with him a lot and it was always good seeing him around.

much love Huero

now saturday was the release of the MATT KEMP x Diamond Supply x Hall of Fame collab and I have never seen a line that long on the block in the history of the block I think. damn! that shit went around rosewood to Hayworth!!!!

anyways, a lot of the everything was sold out that day and Matt Kemp actually came by to sign things and take pics with fans… you know I fux with the dodger blue all day! and I actually almost made a ring for Rihanna per Kemp while they were dating, but I guess good thing I didn’t.


those tees go hard! and I had to get the new Grizzly gang tees and crewnecks too… that digital camo backpack is now available as well.

after that, me and Nic headed over to the Vista Vintage Theatre and I’m sad to say as an angeleno that I can’t believe being such a movie buff and living in this city all my life that I never checked it out… smh
well they did a huge remodel not too long ago and this theater is legendary for sure… they have done major premieres here and all that…. but I had speculations and so we said, lets check it out. fuck it… it’s not far from our house. so we did and damn we were both surprised!
tickets for anything before 6pm are $6.50!!!! and normal tickets are $10! I’m used to paying like $17 to $20 a ticket and dang! now they might not have assigned seating, but the seating is fucking amazing!!!! honest to god, you could be 7′ 6″ tall and no way would you be able to reach the seat in front of you. IN EVERY ROW! I was like damn! all the employees are dressed up old school vintage styles and even the previews are introduced in an old school way like when I was watching movies in the 80’s…. but the theater and bathrooms are clean and all that…. the sodas are normal price for movie theaters though


now as far as the movie goes…. shit it got bad reviews, but how many of these kids remember the 80’s flick? I saw the OG total recall in the theaters and this I thought was even better. they did a good job and I enjoyed it. I give it a sold 75% out of 100 if I was on rotten tomatoes…

so after we left the movie theatre, we hit up this all organic grocery store called “Lassens” which carries my new favorite drink that I was obsessed with at Morongo Casino called “Alodrink” and damn that shit is good! the place is like a smaller boutique grocery store version of Erewhon and it’s right near the trap, so we’ll be hitting that up often…. so still inside an hour of leaving the movie theatre, I get a call from my father in law who hasn’t seen Dark Knight Rises yet. I say, you know what? fuck it, I’ll go with you pops lol! so I shot over real quick to pick him up and I ordered 2 passes with my IMAX card and bang! 2 x $17 = comped!
I never been to the Burbank AMC 16 IMAX, but it was all good….

now damn, watching Dark Knight Rises in IMAX was soooo much better. and to be real? I’ll watch that shit again! I just loved that batman series heavy! I fuck with christopher nolan heavy too….. that new comeback of Superman looks like it’s gonna be dope as fuck! Also, I gotta see the sequel to “Taken” with Liam Neeson. that shit looks hard too…..

so after that, I was movied the fuck out… smoked a splif that of that good good I got from Wiz and passed out…. sunday, woke up to a bomb ass breakfast that Nicolette cooked up and then lunch was at….

the best peruvian restaurant in the west coast, def in the top 2 in the United States… MARIOS! so damn bomb! ugghhhhh then I got some work in

remember those tiny small micro pave over invisible set princess cut diamonds cross? well we made a medium bigger version. it’s actually a very decent size. def NOT for women and shits are hard!
well we got those in stock, rose gold in the micro not pictured, but no rose in the medium

and then we got the holy trinity and of course in micro (really small) and medium, all 3 colors in stock ready to go!

medium sized prong cross with new medium pave/invisible cross

and we got some new men’s wedding bands for sale

available in all 3 colors of gold and channel set!

they’re eternity style, well 90% eternity

we had to figure out a swag way to throw in our “IF”

and that is it! for the weekend wrap that is…

i’ll post pics of my new Bentley tomorrow almost done (just need to finish my wheels)
and some other ill shit…

speaking of ill shit?
check out this video my brothers from Platinum Motorsport put out

I seen that bully in person and it’s the meanest exotic whip out there right now period.

oh yeah…
shout out to Hypebeast for featuring me again in their street snaps section:

peace y’all!

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