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thanks to some chit chat, I got to see some banksy joints in person in LA, seen some in London, but nowhere else… my friend Jill bought some of his work a long time ago for very VERY cheap (i’m talking under $1,000) and obviously before the hype kicked in crazy…. well I got word yesterday that Banksy and his crew has hit up the town bombing pieces over LA… don’t know where all the others are, but here are 2 (kinda late I’m sure hype blogs got them already, but I don’t like to copy and paste, so I took my own pics) thanks to James Bond again for some insight, he’s always got the scoop!

downtown LA near the EASTERN building..

funny he’d choose the old Chevrolet Dealership on La Brea…. hypebeasts remember this is where Kanye had his album release party for 808’s and heartbreaks…. no comment on that event…. but anyways… took some more shots, the area is fence’d off, but I’m sure a plasma cutter and a few guys + a van and this piece is GONE!


and I had to take one on my blackberry….

gonna hit around LA to sight see if there are any remains left… or any new found pieces
I wonder how long Banksy can pull off this charade of his… it’s not even Zorro or Batman status, so I give props

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