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won’t be long….. til you catch fade and ugly too…

the coward who posts comments under the name: bobby aka when you’re real email is
mr. Joon Lee with your weak ass 2008 BMW M5 with a customized license plate RONINM5 really guy?
LA is such a small world kid and the DMV (maryland/virginia area) is even smaller. homey, be careful where you park your car bro or even better where you hang out, cats got your skirt already…. and your phone #.

btw, how much of a pathetic fucking loser are you? bobby? I’m disgusted homo’s like you even exist that would hide and make a fake username and fake email address to comment. and you’re korean? and you posted under 3 different usernames? smh… If you’re a fan of mine, it’s all good. you liked my whips? cool, you don’t like the dick riders? cool. like to rock bootleg sorry ass tag heuer watches? thumbsdown… but hiding behind a cpu screen? and you’re a grown ass man? once you disrespected my pops and my family, you crossed the line, I could let the other bullshit slide, but you hit me during a bad time with my family.

you’re 38 years old? LOL! smh. in encino / SFV and your bootleg 2004 escalade and sorry M5 and you’re talking like that?


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