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so my young mogul, young homey Adam Goldston and his brother Ryan have just finished their 4th colorway release I believe and this time it’s a red with carbon and white colorway for the concept 1…..
after millions and I mean millions of inquiries and visits to their site shutting them down from the crazy buzz from being banned for use by the NBA, they’re back in time for all star weekend!
and I got the first pair to the public literally!
besides the 2 owners/founders, nobody got a pair…. well that’s not entirely true…..
these shoes are so hot (they’re fire red) that someone stole my actual pair on monday from their office!
I was heated! so I got my new pair finally yesterday while searching for more Banksy’s…..
I met up with my client and former trainer(story will never get old because out of all the bullshit, Adam was the only one who helped me lose 48lbs in 2 months)… after all the hoopla and craze, they proved that they are around to stay and the technology in these concept 1’s are just insane because they do increase your vertical leap by at least 3″…..
now I haven’t played in a while, but after lacing my pair up, I walked around outside and just did basic plyometrics and could feel the spring in my step early! they are the absolutely most comfortable pair of basketball shoes I’ve ever laced up and I know I haven’t worn any nike’s since 2004…. but I did try on the newest latest and greatest from the swoosh in late 2009 when I judged the UNDFTD dunk contest…. and naw, not even close.

congrats again to my homey Adam aka the GOAT and Ryan…. much love and continued success!


I mean, the presentation is on super point, the box is stirdy like shay maria’s chin and it comes with what high quality shoes would come with…. a micro-fiber shoe bag and the lace ends are even branded with “APL” and these come with a “BANNED IN THE NBA” matching red tee….

now adam is about a 1/2″ shorter than I am…. he’s 6’0″ tall and hes not some lanky skinny cat…. dude is yolked and chiseled, so to see video of him yesterday dunking on a regulation rim with 2 feet with so much ease is crazy…. you can see there isn’t like 100% bending of the knees and trying super hard with it…. just effortless slam dunking and no facial expressions to think otherwise that these shoes are the real mccoy!

you can check them out at

p.s. on a total side note…
did any of y’all catch my little homey’s ODD FUTURE on Jimmy Fallon last night?
they’re that new new… the future of hip hop…. haha!

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