Armenian Genocide

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Also known as the Armenian Holocaust started on this very day in 1915 (april 24th)

about 6 years ago I became friends with the Keshishyan Family (Armen, George and Jack) and honestly? as culturally sound as I might be, I didn’t have much knowledge about Armenia and the closest thing to it was my very close Russian Friends that I have known for over 13 years who had briefed me a little about Armenian stereotypes, etc…

I’ve known members of the Kardashian family (khloe and kim 1st and longest and then Rob and Kourtney later RK senior RIP) for a very long time as well, but never ever knew they were Armenian…

point being is that I am damn near brothers with George Keshishyan of Platinum Motorsport and maybe I was so self obsessed, actually, I was…. so I never noticed certain things particularly around Glendale, CA and of course Little Armenia until 1 day 5 years ago I seen A LOT OF CARS WITH ARMENIAN FLAGS MARCH AROUND THE CITY OF ANGELS THE ENTIRE DAY….. I mean all over so that Angeleno’s could see how proud these folks are of their country. So I remember calling Jack of Platinum and asked him what the hell was going on? He briefly texted me about the gist of what this day meant and why they were closed, Armenian kids don’t go to school, etc in remembrance of this day….. Well if my brother George feels this pain, then I feel their pain. REAL TALK.

His pops has owned that property at 7327 Melrose Ave. since it was a gas station called Atomic Gas. I used to pump my gas there because I worked across the street at Creeque Alley (remember? in my resume? working for Denzel Washington and Nic Adler. my first major residency nightclub gig). I used to pump gas into my 1992 honda prelude and also my 1964 chevy impala back in the early 90’s and his pops was there holding it down….

WELL, pops(Armen) and the boys(George & Jack) have turned huge milestones in the motorsport game and haven’t looked back and are like Tanks with this business now. They are bulldozing everyone else over…. 310motoring? gone… Spreewell Motoring? gone… F1 Motoring? gone…. Globe Tire? still around but been feeling the pain big time… BUT Platinum Motorsport is still killing shit all over the globe from Princes to CEO’s to Street Hustlers to A List Celebs to A list Pro Athletes… they are not pigeon holed into 1 specific group (i.e. only basketball players, only middle easterners, only blacks.. PM covers it all!)
Platinum is a very unique business. Their loyalty to their culture and maintaining their business under these heavy Armenian Family values impresses me to a whole different level. Say the jokes about Glendale and etc, etc… but they break all the molds/stereotypes anyone could fuss about. This is what the fuck I’m talking about! From a 1 bedroom apt on Kenmore and Hollywood blvd with 4 members in their family to a mansion, family’s fed, employees paid and living lavish and without having to alter or hide their ethnicity is whats up.

I’ve heard every single asian stereotype you can think of….. oh bruce lee, oh jackie chan, oh what does an asian know about hip hop? why do you want to play basketball? study martial arts. smh. thank god I listened to my mom when she said not everyone will like you and you don’t have to like everyone… because had I listened to all that bullshit I would have never ever accomplished what I have. I still have a long way to go and this is not about me, this about the Armenians who’s families suffered in the holocaust almost 100 years ago. God Bless all my Armenian friends and their family’s and their family’s families. I appreciate y’all and I pay my respects today for y’all. These brothers/family are just 1 of many Armenians on the come up…. I respect the grind, I don’t necessarily give you dap just because you went to school… I went to school because my parents wanted that of me. I give much respect to the working man and my homiez GET IT IN EVERY DAY!
Armen Keshishyan aka pops will drink til 4am and wake up @ 6am barking orders to the entire staff! at the same time he’ll hold his family down! RESPECT! meanwhile, me and the hooligans will be out til 4am drunk and cry at 8am… but this is a different breed. they don’t build people like my parents, George and Jack’s parents….. YOUR PARENTS! pay attention, you don’t have to be the smartest motherfucker out there, but nothing is going to fall in your lap. SO WORK!

George, Jack, Armen, Sam, Nas, Lena, Hovo, Speeto, Tony, Truth, Sarmen, Emil, Avo, the entire Kardashian Family to everyone…. there is/are too many to list. mad love and have a great day and teach others about your culture and keep those heads up high. (don’t be mad if I forgot about you, mad love everywhere)

1,000 gun salute to you all.

peace and ARA…. I got stupid love for you

the long face asian

Mr. Yang

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