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yeh, lakers made total fools of themselves… I didn’t find out til after the series sweep happened that Vanessa Bryant(allegedly) went and snitched on Gasol and told Gasol’s fiance’ that he was cheating on her right when the playoffs started….. btw, Gasol’s fiance’ broke off the engagement and bounced… everyone kept saying there was something going on inside the locker room…. well there it is… supposedly Gasol went HAM on Kobe but whatever, his punk ass couldn’t separate personal shit and business. at the end of the day, that’s some real bitch shit, especially when Kobe’s wife ain’t even close to Gasol’s chick like that? but it’s none of her business and the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard…. I mean, if you can’t, then why not after the month of June? now if it was only on MTO then I woulda been weary, but again, it was mentioned since we started this shitty play that something was going on in the locker room from local newscasters who know this team better than any other sportscasters from ESPN or anyone else… smh
you have to be a professional and take that shit in your personal life completely out and focus on the game and Gasoft was playing like a hood rat, except softer. Now I know it was your teammate’s wife, but NOT your teammate…. figure that shit out later. that’s the job you took, you signed up for this, homey deal with it…. when Michael Jordan’s dad was murdered (rumored to his crazy gambling debts) he still went out there and handled biz and won that ring/trophy! I’m just saying man….. fuck! I mean I know it wasn’t a teammate that killed his dad, but he tuned it out and turned on Air Jordan!
and then the punk ass street fouls? if you’re gonna hack someone, then punch cats in the jaw and be all the way detroit piston circa 88 cheap shot! don’t do that bitch shit…. now what’s gonna happen when Lamar and Gasol and Bynum get traded? Is Khloe gonna move to Orlando if Lamar gets traded? what I do know is that Bynum will be suspended for the 1st 3 games as an Orlando Magic player when the season starts lol smh

but yeh, that fucked off my weekend pretty much. froze me in my place.
so what else did I do? oh yeh, I saw a movie…. surprise huh? meanwhile, I’m reading these tweets and seeing all this ghost ballin going on in Vegas for the fight weekend and I’m like smh smh smh…..

I chopped it up with my lil homey’s D Crooks and Franchise and was like, I can’t believe out of all the weekends, we’re not up there acting up a god damn fool! for them I don’t understand, but for me, I’m not being paid to be out there like my DJ friends and I’ve toned it down 1000% but I actually wished I was out there so I could have hurt some of these ghost baller’s feelings right quick. smh…. even though I don’t go out…. I still got it locked down at Marquee, XS and Haze and those are pretty much the top 3 spots in LV worth going to…. oh and Tao on Sat, but really after the fight and people being so disappointed from that shitty fight.

I heard a lotta angry people, not white people, not black people, EVERYONE wanted their money back. That fight didn’t need to happen. for what? Shame was getting barely any money, it was embarrassing…. and I think the only reason Manny didn’t knock his ass out was because Shame wasn’t talking shit at all…. because they’re both nice guys and etc etc… blah, blah, blah… I had so many manny fans say OMG there’s gonna be a knockout by the 7th round… yeh, he knocked him down, but he didn’t knock him out and manny shoulda tried to knock him out! why? because there was ZERO HYPE, ZERO EXCITEMENT FOR THIS FIGHT! all that humble shit is not going to help him in my opinion. I mean help him get Money in the ring…. there needs to be some shit talking…. NOBODY HAS EVER WANTED TO WATCH A HUMBLE FIGHTER EVER! Why did these 2 guys even fight? why not go down a bit and fight Zab? and then the fake ass knock down by Shame? smh…. I have nothing else to say but that fight was garbage! manny threw 1/2 the amount of punches he usually throws? wtf??? smfh… anyways, me and my boy’s won our money betting on the over…. +145 so I wasn’t mad at that.

but what really hyped me up was that Boston tapped that trust fundish punk ass Miami Heat ass…. I know we are out, but we got some shit happening please believe… the lakers front office has never let me down after we took a hard loss of a series… we’ll get some ill cats and let me say this… we won’t ever do the bitch ass shit that lebron did. their team did what rich kids I knew growing up did with their educations and jobs…. they paid for it. that’s gay as fuck and I’m not having it. I can’t stand shit like that. I can’t be mad at Wade really and nobody cares about Bosh…. but Lebron did some bitch shit, regardless of what West did to his mom and shit…. I truly believe he coulda got the ring there in Cleveland, but oh well. If they get a ring next year? cool, but the fact they guaranteed a ring this year after planning this whole situation? These cocksuckers need to go down. I feel sorry for the real Miami fans who are out there and have to deal with the bashing of the bandwagon riders…. now, if Miami doesn’t win the ring? that’s more embarrassing than a motherfucker because they tried to buy it and celebrated and paraded around saying they were GETTING THE RING! being blown out by 50 points don’t mean shit, when the other team is shooting 3’s better than Dennis Scott or Ray Allen ever have in a playoff game…. we didn’t talk shit, we just came in like some herbs… I feel bad for Phil Jackson

ok enough ranting on those 2 bum out events…..

actually, the only cool thing I heard about that happened in vegas during this fight weekend….

my homey Wayne from the Money Team….. poppin a Methaselah of nectar imperial Rose’
I heard my boys were out at The Bank last night and the DJ stopped the music and said… “THE CHAMP IS HERE, THE CHAMP IS HERE!!” and when the packed club seen it was Mayweather, the went even more ape shit lol

ok lets get to some jewels:
finished DJ Mano aka Million Dollar MANO’s grills…


(sorry, didn’t have my iphone on HDR so the focus is off)
but his grill is iceeeeeee!
yellow diamonds, yellow gold

we made some new beaded iced out chains, sorta like rosary-ish, but not exactly.
once Silver surged to astronomical numbers…. we made this chain with silver, nickel’d the hell out of it and then white gold rhodium’d it and flooded out some beads and voila….


and then we made an exact set up in black on black… except we used black gold, not silver because the silver doesn’t catch the PVD coating as well.


we didn’t make these for anyone in particular…. just sitting at the store as we speak….
we got those smaller jesus pieces (iced out and diamond less) coming soon

we also made this


a solid platinum cherub angel charm….. clean

as for mothers day? I couldn’t figure out what to get my mom….. so I got her a PangeaLE buddha necklace with the diamond beads and diamond spacers
but for my sister

them LV earrings go hard…. the pair on the right are the new XL size ones we make.
shout out to my boy Chris from the bay who copped a pair for his wife for mothers day

also, on friday I walked into Tourneau and the salesman there recognized me and was surprised to see me rocking a Rolex Daytona, no ice, no chains….. I said, this is how I been rocking for a while now (of course I got rocks in my ears) and been keeping it low key on an everyday basis unless I’m out for an event
but he showed me something I didn’t know…. after 2008 or 2009 really, the did a laser inscribing of the ROLEX brand name and serial number (not gonna show you lol) on the inside of the watch, under the sapphire crystal glass

so more about nothing….

I got Nic a white Iphone4 (they just officially released them a week ago)

and now she’s obsessed with her phone and she was a die hard B Berry user…. she had me download whats app

I’m not crazy about whats app…. but it’s funny to see mr #WINNING is on whats app

so anyways…. not much else
I figured out who shot Osama…..

yep, with a HK MP5 right in the eye too just like the navy seal scumbag did who didn’t kill him btw….
(that was taken in Las Vegas at the las vegas gun club)

and with more instagram pics (that shit is better than twitter)

bubble guts

I go DUM

an old pic of Nic

oh yeh!
I went to this place on 3rd street near Joans that just sells sandwiches and pies called Simple Things and man, that place is fucking GOOD!

fried chicken sandwich with bleu cheese and a mexican coke? all good…

also, there’s another spot on La Cienega called Soda Pops that sells rare bottled sodas from across the world and not until recently did I find out that they had bomb ass sandwiches!

speaking of sandwiches, GOBLIN COMES OUT TOMORROW! go support my lil homey Tyler’s album and cop that shit!

shout out to my family Angel and Joy for sending me my “Get Right” for the month box

the mesh Assaults are so dope! the TK mids are ill…. the Chad Muska + Jim Greco signature jeans are sick too

my little cousin Jeff came UP! he got a new whip and HE STOLE THAT SHIT!


he got this whip with the tech art magnum kit and wheels and low mileage TURBO Cayenne for the price of a platinum Yacht Master II all in…. smh. #doinIT

and lastly… the highlight of my weekend was spending it with my mom
we went to this nice restaurant “CAFE PINOT” but since it was such a busy day for every restaurant, I don’t think they used their regular chefs, because the prix fixe menu SUCKED! the food looked great, but tasted like wood! smh

blurry, but bottom line is, I will never go there again for mothers day.
but the ambience there and decor was fly

the view from our table…. the tallest building in LA

that was one of my favorite hotels when I was a kid… just because it was such a futuristic design for the time (the early 80’s) and to be honest, it’s still OG and their top of five steakhouse is still shitting on many steak houses around LA and the view is piff too… I love that spot. when I was a kid I used to walk around this area because my moms house is right there…. and this is where they shot the Shoot Out scene in HEAT

my little twin nieces…. 1 is wearing heels(that’s why she’s taller)
they told me how they watched the pacquiao fight at Tom Cruise’s house while they played with Suri and my brother in law also played basketball with Tom lol smh

I seriously am depressed… I need to get out of here soon!


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