A Favor for a Favor… CatDicc Jr. to the rescue Andre aka Monsieur A aka MR. A

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just about a week ago I sent out a tweet about a favor for a favor…. I wanted to know if anyone lived near Haight Street in San Francisco and if they could do me a solid…. it required having access to a car and $350 and then fed-ex or mailing something 2 day air to me from Kid Robot… I didn’t want to get too specific, because this item is sold out everywhere else and there was 1 set left there…. people didn’t seem to be very reliable so I was going to fly back there just for this, BUT THEN….
I get a phone call from my lil homey Franchise aka Cat Dicc Jr. he knew the time, he knew the drill…. went and handled B.I. early…. thank you brodie. I taught my dude well… now he’s a mini mogul in the making



 this was a limited edition 400% be@rbrick/kubrick designed by the Parisian Artist Mr. A aka monsieur A aka Andre’ he’s a famous graf artist who fucks a lot of girls, causes trouble around town and bombs everywhere from museums to police stations to outside his lovers homes…. and also owns a few hotels around paris and nyc and I heard one of them is a sex hotel…. sounds like a total scumbag fux aka my kind of guy no homo.

I first learned about ANDRE’ through a friend Tiffany Limos who is friends with him and when I was on the Supra TK Society Tour, we were sponsored by Belvedere and they did a limited edition 100 proof vodka with Andre with the Mr. A. character on the bottle…. it was called IX and it had his trademarked colors of black and hot pink…. when I got home from tour, I got my subscription of LTD mag in and Andre’ was the main feature and on the cover and enjoyed reading a story about dude (thanks hawaii mike) So I’ve been following up on dude for almost a year and I wanted this set because the shit is very fresh!
anyways, here’s some more pics of the bricks detailed



I don’t collect 400%’s usually, but I had to get these, they were so fucking fresh…

I only have these 2 and the Mister Cartoon 400% which is all I need….

on my last SF trip, I seen them at Kid Robot, but didn’t have space to put them in my bag and they wouldn’t ship and I didn’t want to ruin the boxes….

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