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friday started out with one of the biggest photo shoots of my career…
I have done all the regular mags and I don’t take that lightly, but the level of people that “the coveteur” interview or feature on their site is next level…. beyond a good look and I opened up my home for them

I can’t wait for the feature to come out, I’m guessing mid august to early september, but it should be interesting here’s a few sneak shots I kinda took while 4 people were upstairs, downstairs and everywhere taking pics of all the crazy shit I had brought

don’t trip. I don’t even have to give the valet these keys… I give them the programmed Valet key that allows them to go no more than 25 mph and has limited access
I would never leave my iced out house keys in the whip anyways

I don’t rock chains too tough these days… but I fuck with rings

had to show them my personal watch collection

much love to the entire staff, Stacie, Steff, Erin and Jake for giving me the opportunity to be on your site and stunt out the way none of those decent folks you’ve had on your site could lol.

so after that, I had to shoot through terrible friday LA traffic to downtown to meet up with Nyjah Huston who got himself a new SICK custom 2 finger skateboard ring… I’ll be showing that separately on a different blog of it’s own.

hot as fuck outside, I had to go to my new favorite beverage (thanks Ian) that I cannot stop drinking and I’m currently at about 4 cans a day….

this pure pineapple juice from the Philippines is crazy!

but you know what’s crazier?

fuck a mexican coke… we got middle eastern coke!
shout out to my boy DJ BATTLEMONKEY

then I shot back over to the hills and picked up my wife and we went and got some food at Katsuya at the Americana… it was only 90 degrees out which makes it around 101 for her. so we got the fuck back home and chilled out…. then we rented some filipino movies and stayed in for the night

Saturday morning we had the maternity tour of our hospital and I can’t wait for little London to already be here! then we shot over to Fred 62 to get the bombest breakfast burrito ever…..

chilled out and did some work at the house, then shot over to the SGV for this charity event for our friend Karen.

right before we got there, stopped at Rite Aid and seen this


I seen a pimp get out of this car with the true gangster lean and a toothpick in his mouth… I said, hold up, now I know dude didn’t get this done and I’m sure 90% of folks would assume so, but I found out shortly that Cadillac commissioned Gucci to make 200 of these sevilles in the late 70’s and they came with matching luggage. WOW! pretty sick

back to the event of the weekend…
it was held in Rowland Heights at a restaurant called “coconut bay” which I’ve been to a few times before and they got the bomb ass thai food there. it also really pops off there during lakers games and on the weekends…..
a few hundred people showed up total and it was going on from 2pm to 2am


we got there around 5 and left around 8 and there was an auction and raffle for prizes ranging from: lakers tickets to universal studios passes to la kings autographed pucks to cologne/perfume to blu ray dvd gift sets and then to studio HD beats by dre headphones (thank you karen) and diamond supply co Cordova sunglasses (thank you Nick and Yousef)


My wife is 9 months pregnant…. and I lost 8 lbs. lol

towards the end, I decided to check out the samples of my tee collab I’m doing with Jugrnaut Chicago that I got from the printers…. these shits are going to sell like hot cakes and FAST!


the back says “From the Polo fleece, to the Jesus piece”
I will give more details later on the release date. they will only be available at Jugrnaut in Chicago and on their website…. also there is a navy colorway with a rose gold jesus piece. and we’re making tank tops too…. and 3 different hoody’s but the hoody’s will not have jesus pieces on them… I’ll have pics soon. we’re looking at a September release though

when we got home, I chilled out with my brother in law and then we headed to downtown burbank where we hit up Gitana’s, a Mediterranean cafe and also hookah bar…. got some drinks and then me and 3 other homies jumped in the flying spur speed and did 130 on the 5 fwy in light traffic lol….

pop bottles at home?

it ain’t the most expensive champagne, but it definitely is rare

Sunday, a very powerful client of mine asked me if I wanted to go to the Olympics… I said, naw I can’t go, I got my baby son coming around then…. I prolly can’t travel really and if I needed, my boy Apolo Ohno could lace me for sure with VIP anything….

then he sends me this….


yeah, dont trip… that’s only $36 million dollars worth of Olympic tickets and passes… about 36,000 tickets shown there… that’s 24 million british pounds for the fuckers out there :EEK!

headed to my store because we made 2 SICK NEW CROSSES!


we made a new micro prong set cross, but with big ass diamonds in it and then a new medium prong set cross with the same size big diamonds, but more of them….
they’re available now and to show you spec/size on them, I added a micro jesus next to them to show you…. inquire at the info email if you’re interested

me and Nic got brunch at Fig and Olive and it was fabulous
then shot over to beverly hills to pick out some couches….
then met up with my boy Wiz Khalifa who copped some new chains and shit and just got back from tour….
we met up at the diamond supply store on the block and I ran into my Wolf Gang fam of course

this tee is sick, if you didn’t know, Tyler is obsessed with Fatburger and this tee will drop soon at the OF store

also while I was there, I ran into my old trainer Greg Mille who is the trainer to the stars and pro athletes for real… he showed me a very inspirational picture when I was trying to lose 50lbs

“DON’T EVER GIVE UP!” I love that pic, real talk

left there and got some dinner at Links and Hops (love that fucking place! btw, I’m the duke of that restaurant on YELP now lol)

Wiz hit me up to come to the studio and he wanted to get something nice for Amber…
so I went down there and he only laced me with $ and a Zone of the illest kush


shieuttt…. I was so high, I laughed myself to bed

anyways, I’m thinking of taking a baby moon this week… just a couple days somewhere close to relax. but today I need to get it in… got a lot of work to do!

stay up, stay blessed….
and in the words of the great William DeVaughn;
“although, you may not have a great big cadillac…. you may not even have a car at all…. but remember brothers and sisters, just BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU GOT”
always be thankful.


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