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man, where the hell do I begin?
it was about 4am and I just left my boo and finished shaving and cleaning myself up gettin ready to head to Tila’s to get picked up by the car service…. but had not slept all day at all…..
so I get to Tila’s at 4:45am and she’s not been to sleep either… with her new show, tweeting so much and her new website, she’s been grinding like russell simmons and so we finally get into the car service around 5:40am to catch our 7am flight at LAX…. thank god we were on 1st class and flying Virgin because we woulda missed our flight! I take an ambien to sleep and I’m literally on my last bit of battery life on real life! (the bbm convo’s between me and my fam Mark Sudack were crazy! haha. VIRGIN 1ST CLASS RULES HOMEY!) so I wake up and try to sleep again…. Tila’s on that high speed internet webchatting and doin all sorts of shit… we finally hit JFK.
Get into the car service there, headed straight to the W hotel times square and it’s fucking brick outside. I had a beenie on and a sweater and jacket and was still cold! it’s about 4pm and we’re stuck in gridlock traffic…. no matter how many times I drive into NYC, I still will never get over the fact that the twin towers are gone. So we check into our rooms and man these promoters/club owners hooked it up! the room was dope, but the view was piff!

touched down…. sorry for some reason the pic off this awesome phone sucked this time!

one side of the room’s view….

we had 3 hours to rest up and kill, so this is what I did….. watched 1 of my favorite shows

here’s the other side of the room’s main view of Times Square… so nice!

So we head out late, I actually fell asleep like an ass, but so did Tila… we head to the 1st event which is a fund raiser called Robin Hood which helps feed the needy in NYC and Tila’s been really heavy into charities lately… a lot of her time and money has gone into this… I was down for the cause for sure! it was a really cool event and I got to meet Mona Scott finally who has managed the careers of some super heavyweights like Missy Elliott(I was down with Missy when she didn’t have a home and didn’t have a record deal but was killing shit! 14 years ago!) and Busta Rhymes and ran Violator management basically…. and I got to hang out with Kandi from ATL housewives who is way taller than I imagined and really cool…. Ja Rule was there, but I think after some random drama from way back, we just kept shit civil. lol…… so we hung out there at club M2 for the event…. then headed out to the main spot where Tila was hosting a big anniversary party for HQ headquarters gentlemens club in Hells Kitchen which was also a steakhouse… the place was fucking dope…. they had a jazz band. lap dancers… burlesque show and a totally different feel from anything in LA and they comped us a few bottles of that patron and goose and even brought out an official steak! haha! got to run into some fam there and a #tilaarmy member Guerillastar who gave Tila a custom made hat. Well Tila introduced 2 seperate shows and we just chilled out and she did a lot of press for mags from playboy to maxim to men’s health, etc….

chillin @ M2

the infamous Mona Scott

Tila gettin her host on….. at HQ

ummm you already know me and patron’s relationship!
gunny Vaiders all day.

tila army fans are deep! she even got the matching tat!

time to blow out the cake and head out…..

so it’s about 1am now and we’re both on about 3 hours of sleep in 2 days, but we get hit up by Will I Am and he’s djing and having a party down the street about 4 blocks away so we run up there to chill…. we get there and Ap is on the wheels and the place is packed… I ran into some friends randomly and it was dope of Polo to have a car get us. thank polo, not only for the car, but for socking perez hilton’s bitch ass…. haha

it was someone’s bday there and the cake looked so good, we asked the manager if we could get a couple slices! haha, he hooked it up! but I got some on Tila’s ….. well you’ll see

tila caused a ton of bedlam, because there was a long line of bad ass women who wanted to lick that cake off her chest!

FINALLY…. after 3 clubs and no sleep back to the telly! and this was the earliest night out of the 3 nights… we got home at 3:30 am and ordered some room service and watched the hurt locker(great film btw)…. as crazy as the night was… it was good to see some pics sent by my boo via bbm…. didn’t get to hear her voice though… but it’s all G.

so I wake up a little early because my homey Kid Sister is making her television debut on the Jimmy Fallon show! so she wanted me to dress her in some jewels…. so I got up around noonish and got my monkey ass up and clean and had some time to kill….. so of course I hit up 47th since our hotel was on the same street and only 2 blocks from the diamond district I wanted to see what these cats had to offer…. remember 1st and foremost, being a jeweler is my livelihood and I was not impressed with anything I saw in all the jewelry shops… the recession had definitely hit NYC hard(not as hard as LA’s diamond district) and it was funny… wouldn’t you know one of my #1 haters with the last name bling(seriousy guy?) was staring me down and gave me the triple take… I didn’t spend much time on 47th as they didn’t have shit to really see except a few AP watches that caught my eye… so I hit up NBC to see Kid Sister and drop off some ice for her dress rehearsal…. I was fucking hyped for my homey! Got there, got my day pass and chopped it up with the Kis Sister fam and flosstradamus(sp?) crew.


this is what I loaned Kid Sister to rock! yes I held her down!!!!!

seeing Sam rock the jesus piece is priceless! haha

so after the dress rehearsal… I walked back to the telly to eat lunch with Tila… I took some random photos of times square(I have done this over 100x literally, don’t know why)

on my way back to the telly, I copped some gloves(key to keeping warm, along with headgear + a scarf!)

get to the telly and grab Tila so we can get a late lunch in….

she’s on the phone with her team gettin $$$$ and rocking an IFandCo G-Shock(awwready!) so we head out a few blocks to this low key spot and grub…. she runs out to do some shopping and I head back to NBC for the live taping of the Jimmy Fallon show…

aww yeah! kis sister melisa ready to rock it!

showtime! on the set…. the security tried to take my camera so I couldn’t take pics of the actual show…. but KID SISTER ROCKED THAT SHIT! RIGHT HAND HIGH!!!!

her fam/team…. nice meeting you Josh, heard a lot about you, kurt you are cool ass peeps and A-Trak, always a pleasure bro…. stay up.

I’m so proud of you Melisa, you really shit on them! you are the future of female rappers… and you held it down with all the damn ice on your neck! btw, I watched your show later on tv as well later on!

so I rushed the hell back to the telly to drop off the jewels at the hotel house safe…. then get ready to head to Madison Square Garden to see the Warriors whoop on the Knicks courtside….
meanwhile, tila was chatting online on her new website so I joined in for a sec….. btw, Tila didn’t have time to pack more than 2 outfits and her makeup, so while I was on set at NBC, she shopped in the lobby giftshop for an outfit! haha, SHE WORKED IT OUT THOUGH!

chat was gettin crazy! we were running late to the game!!!!

quick random shot…. had her homey Francois got us right on Broadway so I flicked this shot.

seats were too official! 2 rows from the floor

they let Tila run onto the court after the game and during the game, there were so many people screaming her name…. kinda dope to see my lil homey come up from the hood to a household name.

so we head back to the room to chill out again! I got to talk to my 823er…. and if y’all haven’t noticed yet… I’m strictly wearing all black everything pretty much out…. L-R-G slim straight jeans and grass roots tops and I got about 10 pairs of each thing all black 10 of everything lol. thank you Jonas and L-R-G… and you already know I stay dipped in supra footwear!
we walked downstairs to the lobby of the hotel and it was kinda poppin…. did a walk through quickly… then head out.
So at 1am, we decide to finally leave the telly and get it IN! we hopped in a cab and it was raining outside and cold as hell. head straight to the meat packing district to her homey Francois’s club on Gansevoort…. we walk right in past the lines as we’ve been doin…. and it’s packed in that bitch! music was poppin vibe was totally different from LA and chilled for a while…. I love how a pack of cigarettes is $25 in the clubs(not for me, but damn)

there were some tall ass women in this joint and not on no santa monica blvd steez!

you already know… sparklers and shiny shit go hand and hand with kteezy!

get it, get it!

me, tila and Francois (much love homey… you def run shit, good lookin out on everything!)

so me and tila, francois and his Swedish homey lindsey head out to another spot down the street and I run into some of my cousin’s friends… so fucking random….
throughout this entire trip and the many times I visit NYC, mainly in soho, I had a lot of cats come up to me asking to take pics of me or with me and that shit always bugs me out. A lot of you know I’m an asshole, but no matter what, I keeps it super nice to anyone who steps up to show love or ask for a pic….. so then we head off to walk 7 blocks up to my boy Richie’s spot 1OAK and even though it was brick, it was too tough to get a cab that would fit 5 heads…. and fuck it, we do what all new yorkers do. WALK IT OUT! we walk into the 1OAK and it’s fam after fam…. Bin and my OG homey Sherry at the door! my SKE team runnin shit! (Fouad, Jus Ske, Richie, Fiz) and my man Mauricio is on the tables getting it the fuck in! great to finally meet you homey…. we stayed at 1OAK til 5am and I swear to god, Tila had about 50 hot girls surrounding the table… she’s an ill wing woman…. but I got my eyes on some big eyes…. back around home, so I’m playin the role and chillin with my kin at a different table. smoked some of NY’s finest(can’t see our LA kush) and we jumped into cab I think…. shit I was so far gone I don’t know….

view from the DJ booth….

yessirrrr my fam 12 years in the game Jus Ske with the IFandCo fully iced out “SKE” beads…

What I do know is that when we got to the telly, we got the munchies so we started to walk around times square close to 6am and said fux it! took pics, ran around like some kids and searched for a restaurant… nothing was open so we hit a deli close by and went nuts there! LOL…. the korean store owner was like wtf is really good with y’all? we spent almost $67 on junk!

the streets were empty except for a couple DT’s…. (cops)

feelin it! in the lobby of our telly!

I wasn’t bullshittin bout the almost $67!

and this is what $67 gets you…. so we ordered Bruno on on demand and I got to talk to my boo which made my night better after hearing her voice.
we finally went to bed at 7:45am or so….

I wake up to pee and look at my phone and the shit says 3:45pm! I’m like hold the fuck up, I asked for a wake up call at 12noon! …. so I hit Tila’s jack and she’s like what up. I said why the fuck didn’t you call me. she says “MOFO, MY ASS JUST WOKE UP TOO! I got 3 wake up calls and still didn’t wake up either!” lmao! so we got ready as fast as possible. thank GOD for this new green tea drink that had crazy antioxidants and vitamins to get my old ass up and some with the help of some ginseng and this amazing oxygen canister they sell inside the room, an hour later I was ready to go!


so we get out of the telly and our original plan was to spend the entire day in soho and Chinatown… but most of the day had gone and it was like almost 5pm…. there wasn’t a single cab available, so we hired a long ass limo to take us downtown…. Chinatown to be specific…. Tila had a hot spot off Canal with THEE MOST OFFICIAL VIETNAMESE FOOD EVER! man, this catfish dish and everything was amazing! we were gonna walk down canal to check out all the crazy fake shit, but she needed to shop and buy some fits for the night, etc…. so we headed up to Houston and prince to shop around…. Tila found a spot where she went crazy in, bought everything in the store and I caught up with my lil homey Chris from and we chopped it up about all types of shit… he gave me some really dope gifts, which were all carved from wood (I believe the company is good wood?) so he gifted me with some jesus pieces, IFandCo key chains, IFandCo coasters and IFandCo pins even…. (I think he knew we made the plastic joints for Ye’, etc)… but much appreciated bro. holla at Hawaii Mike bout that interview for LTD homes! stay up…

tila cussing out someone in the limo ride down the westside hwy. lol…..

the little homey Chris

one of the jesus pieces he gave me…

we finish up shopping and had to rush back to times square so that we could drop off the clothes and catch the pacquio/cotto fight…. we hit up a local irish pub called Hurley’s and they set me and tila up nicely courtesy of the concierge of the W…. so we got to see pacman whoop that ass! Shit tila was more hyped bout this fight than I’ve ever seen! she even hit up her publicist to ensure we have seats for the most anticipated fight of the century Mayweather vs Pacquiao…. there was mad latino’s in the spot and tila didn’t give a fuck, she was like YEEEEEAHHH ASIAN POWER! haha…. we were tweeting and shit, it was good times…

got back to the telly again around 12:45am and I was fucking exhausted…. my dong saeng Harry hit me up because he was partying with korean pop sensation RAIN and a big korean promoter Woo…. so I had to make an appearance at Circle in midtown(ktown) but was soooooo tired…. then had to say what up to Jus who was djing at 1OAK…. it was like 4am and I had a 6am wake up call for a 8am car pickup to head back to LA…. jesus…. me and Tila were both beat… she stayed in and did some work on the cpu and I was hurting again come morning time!

by miracle, I got my ass up, packed and got to talk to my “ST” and she made me feel better…. so off to JFK and bye bye to the empire state…. btw, that song is the fucking anthem for NYC now…. crazy!

peace to the rotten apple, I got tackled!

shot from the limo off the queensboro bridge…

finally got home to 73 degree weather, exhausted, hungry and just beat!
I got on the phone with my boo…. WE TALKED FOR ALMOST 4 HOURS ON THE PHONE! I haven’t done that since high school! jesus…. I was so tired that I fell asleep on the phone with her and when I woke up, I was like wtf? where am I? saw I had a bbm and it said “well babe, I guess you fell asleep lol. ttyl”
I’m sorry boo…..

this blog took damn near 2 hours to write and fix pics, etc…. hope you enjoyed it… I had a fucking blast out in NYC, thank you to everyone who contributed to my trip there, especially my partner in Life TILA! I love you girl.

back to the world, back on the grind!

p.s. here’s some pics of the jesus pieces…

wood jesus piece compared to kanye west’s actual plastic jesus piece…..

the back…

he made/gave me a brown joint too…. the pin, the key chain, the coaster and there’s also some earrings… thanks again Chris and good wood.

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