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yep, that’s pretty much it. we are counting down the weeks and days! 5 weeks until little London arrives…. could be a little sooner, could be a little later. but I do know he is kicking and elbowing inside Nic’s belly like crazy!

so the weekend? chill basic….. but of course, I ate real good….

there’s a spot in Atwater Village called Links and Hops that just has hot links and bratwursts and beer and it’s fucking good.

they even have vegan/vegetarian options. try it.

on friday, I saw Savages and that shit sucked. sorry, I can’t understand how anyone could like it, I didn’t even think Blake Lively was that good… the main actors were awful and had it not been for benecio del toro, every single thing about this movie would have sucked…. the only semi good thing was that this was mostly shot in Laguna Beach, so it made me think of Jonas… but the main dude Ben was the main actor in “KICK ASS” … yeah the dorky nerd dude who was the main superhero. I didn’t realize it until after the movie and that made it even worse. smh. I just didn’t like it and it was way too forced and I can’t believe it was Oliver Stone because he doesn’t fuck around. oh well

maybe some jewels will make things better?

that’s my boy Q’s “rose garden”

that a micro jesus, next to a new micro cross. the only thing is, the cross is 4 carats total! prong set and with big stones! but it’s that rich guy look. real clean and classy….

we got some brolic cubans in stock…. 155 grams and 206 grams. #2chainz

remember those keys? ouch….

on Saturday, I had to drop off a cuban to my boy Tyler the Creator before he left to Hawaii then NYC to shoot for Loiter Squad and then do a show…. so I brought my homey Rumi with me…. she’s the one who tweeted about him and didn’t know who he was; why does she care? because he’s the #1 most searched person on formspring and she’s #2. anyways, I introduced them and now they’re gonna have babies (kidding to the dingbats)


tyler creepin…. I think this was Rumi’s first time on “the block”

after that, ran some errands and had a dope lunch at Joans cafe… then met up with my wife and got a even doper dinner at Robata… man, there isn’t better Robata or baked crab hand rolls in so cal and not at that price!


oh and the 20 orders per day of the premium Hakata ramen? so good

after that, we all went to see Moonrise Kingdom and that was a great fucking movie. brilliant for real. no special effects just great acting, great script/story. Wes Anderson doesn’t disappoint. we all loved it and we all kinda have different tastes in movies. but that redeemed the shitty Savages flick….

when I got home, someone tweeted a Lil Jon video I made a cameo in as a gangster/biker… this was made back in 2004!

crazy that shit is on vevo and in HD. I had a lot of fun shooting that all day with my boys Ice Cube and Will Yun Lee and Lil Jon…. also nice to have the main chick be Tamala Jones who I go back with over a decade too….

my seattle boys came in town and we got it in on sunday 2 times!
started out with Brunch at Bottega Louie!
I swear every time I go there, it feels like the first time and every time is excellent. the place just can’t ever be bad..

steak and eggs? looks well done, but is softer than lawrys prime rib. best steak and eggs I’ve ever had. better than the Wynn or Bellagio cafe

the smoked salmon benedict? incredible and the potatoes are money!

belgian waffles = crack!

I had the breakfast egg sandwich which is only $8 and is fucking amazing… I think I should eat here ever single sunday for the rest of my life. no joke

then I ran a bunch of more errands around town. got with my boy 40 and Drake and caught up on stories and laughs…. sold 40 a new chain and drake might pick up one of these ill vintage links

later headed down to k-town to meet up with my 206 boys and we got it in at Ham Ji Park which is famous for it’s spicy pork short ribs aka Daeji Kalbi.

fucking awesome and I was coming here way before Anthony Bourdain was going there. it’s always packed! got some pinkberry and then my old ass called it a night. I had to try to get some sleep. I haven’t really been able to sleep in. some day this week I will sleep in past 11am. fuck that… remember sleep is a luxury for cats on the grind when I woke up yesterday, Snoop had showed me some love on instagram

he took this pic at game 3 at staples center…. which was a month ago, but I guess he said fuck it, let me post now? either way, its all love….

this weekend Diamond Supply Co. dropped their new sweatpants and “cordova” glasses and sunglasses and you know I got mines… they’re dope as fuck!
peep game


also the first time Diamond has made sweatpants…. pretty nice. note: they run real big so I could have rock a small if I wanted them slightly snug, but still cool… but I got a medium and they’re kinda big

ok y’all.
back on the grind, I got a sick new ring I’m making for Nyjah Huston and a couple new chains for Kid Retro 23.

oh wait a minute!
I’m shooting for “the Coveteur” which is a big privilege and honor that they even want to fuck with me… they’ve shot some of my fam there before, but this month they’re gonna shoot me, Rumi and Bag Snob. oh boy… essentials on hypebeast was one thing, but I may go full dumb. they’re coming to my crib. lets see what happens

be easy


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