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so tues, was chillin literally with Wale and the fam at the Hotel going over new Chain ideas over some room service….

he was signing CD’s and the homey Kev D came through to bring a big ass box of gear from Young and Reckless

after that, I chopped it up with Pusha T and headed to his Telly to discuss some new chain ideas as well and then me and Pusha and his crew headed up to the venue….

Pusha heavy on the Givenchy Swag and vintage OG real OG swagger right now, OG like Larry Hoover, Supreme type shit……

it was show time and I didn’t even know Pusha signed to G.O.O.D. music, so congrats to that and he did some songs off of Fear of God I and II (let us pray) and some clipse classics and songs he did with Yeezy….

he ripped the stage and then we went up to relax for a quick sec….

then it was time for the homey Wale to do his thing and he tore down the House of Blues and with some slight disrespect, he ripped it more than some major MAJOR artists that I’ve seen perform there. I was shocked, no lie. the ultimate salute to him….. the MMG and BOA movement he got is crazy…. its way past the DMV now.

he started Chain Music and then brought me out and I got so caught up in the moment, I threw out a gold chain, it didn’t weigh but only around 80 grams, but still that’s over $4,000 retail. fuck it

here’s a video of the show

I said peace very fast to everyone and shook.
shouts out to Lil Mo, Trey and Drama and everyone else I ran into… my old school family of course: Mark Sudack, Rich Klein, Samantha Ronson, Jus Ske…

I had an early ass plane to catch to chicago

while I was driving to the airport…. my boy PLG was on Bob Burnquist’s Vert Full Pipe with his new piece

that pic is too killer!

so after the LA trife traffic, I got to the airport and downstairs there was a line of people, I mean a sea of them that wrapped around 5 snake lines and then to get up to an escalator that finally led to security check…..



thank god for this

I mean, before it was strictly about the leg space and food and drinks….. but now I have to say that 50% of first class is now legitimately to bypass the bitch ass TSA line. but flying domestic, Virgin 1st class is the best hands down and their movies and everything kills the rest

the food is actually very decent too and wine selection is mad decent as well…..

so I touch down and it’s brick as fuck!
like 42 degrees with that mean no heart Chicago wind that pierced through my letterman jacket and tee, thermal, wife beater and skully and scarf!

thank god for Bruce the illest driver in the Chi that swooped me up in the Lade

checked into my lavish hotel even though it was strictly just a place to lay my head and shower….
The Elysian Hotel is rated thee highest hotel in the country, over anything from the Waldorf or Plaza or Peninsula or Mandarin Oriental Hotels in the USA…. too bad I didn’t really get to use them. surprisingly, the doorman there recognized me and gave me dap….. my boy Fats was like that shit don’t amaze me bro, you got love everywhere especially the CHI.

some pics of the Hotel from the entrance to the views I had on the top 26th floor…..


the views were definitely ILL. I love a city skyline over an ocean view anyday… but I just love a good view period

it was time to get to business!
called the concierge and told him, naw, I’m cool on Table 51 and maybe next time or later I’ll try the room service… but I need some Harolds asap!

and to keep it funky….

I needed some Catfish and Shrimp from Lawrences too

here’s some pics of my modest room that expedia might not show you


there were exactly 4 flat screens in my room… just the way I like it
the TV in the mirror was actually swag even though I’ve seen that before, this was a much more crisp screen than the others I’ve seen

so then it was really time to handle some business…..
so I headed down Michigan Ave and to my boy’s penthouse to take care of some jewels and shit

the sun was just about to set….. I love them high ceilings with the floor to ceiling windows

and 1 more shot just for the wildlife fund lol

after that I wanted to check out my boy Ty’s shop Leaders….


they really have been gettin it in there for over 10 years now….. crazy that I met my dude off #NT and that they’re still gettin it! they laced me with a swag ass hoody and skully which I failed to take a pic of, but I’m sure to be rocking it very soon, none the less, much love to everyone at LDRS/Leaders period!
visit them here:

all that food gave me the itis, so I had to swing back to the telly to charge my phone and charge my own batts

my favorite past time…. just missing my baby

but after a nap….

I was ready to see my chicago friends and twitter/blog followers(I don’t like to say fans, because I’m not famous)

now 8five8 was a nice spot, sorta reminded me of MyStudio or Hyde in a way on how it was a smaller but intimate venue…. 1 long bar, but mostly a lounge with tables and a strict doorman. it was nice, my boys 3 Deep John and 1 OFF Ent know how to run a spot and I had a great time. (before I say anything else, shout out to Sluggo for having my back and watching me like GPS for real. nobody fucks with me out in the Chi because they gotta deal with him or my boy Bird Biggity and you don’t want that)

After hearing my boy Sean Mac play the jams and there are only 3 premiere DJ’s in Chicago and all 3 are my boys…. 2 out of the 3 were there, Sean Mac obviously and DJ TIMBUCK2(lupe fiasco’s dj and he dj’ed my bday party 2 years ago)…. so Sean puts on chain music and after I hear Wale say “Ben Baller… 6 bottles, talking such expensive slang”

I see this shit happen

whoa! (joey lawrence voice, def not black rob voice)

thats just a 6 liter bottle of Moet Nectar Imperial Rose’… that’s like $10k… that’s nothing
my boy FATS does it BIG (not like sean, but like Christopher Wallace)
fyi – 6L bottle = 8 bottles

I actually have never seen a 6 liter of Nectar Imperial before and that gold bottle and the cage and a lock and key???? smh, I was lightly astonished

like I said, a Moet lock and key

after that, everyone in 858 had a glass of red champagne in their hands…. Boss Shit

if that ain’t “gettin Geechi with it” then I don’t know what is

sad thing is…. that wasn’t even it over yet

and there were even more bottles at my table than this. smh

the night was a success as expected and everyone got home safely; no arguments, no fussing, just good times…

no funny after party stories, nothing extra. again just a good time and I went back to my room and tried to watch Bad Teacher and that shit was horrible….. but the bottled coke wasn’t

woke up early in the morning to a 5 star breakfast and then headed over to see my boy Don C’s store RSVP gallery on the other side of town.
Now, I have to take my hat off to Don, I met him many years ago and I met Kanye before his fame…. so these cats have come beyond a long way. Don has known what is fly from jump and all of his swag really reflects on his store. the essence of it grabs you as you walk down the stairs and enter the boutique like “you know what the fuck it is, if you don’t, then learn or really maybe the doors don’t open if you’re not supposed to be in there”

I took a ton of pics, but I won’t post them all because that will take away from the glory of visiting and buying something from his shop. He carries a lot of cool shit from the POW chains to rings and accessories to sunglasses and boxed water(yes boxed, not bottled) fresh ass books, cool art and for the brands he carries? Medicom, Original Fake, Comme Des Garcon, APC, Super, Alexander Wang (and a few other select brands) so basically the flyest shit out there and my favorite shit period!!!!! I can’t say enough, he has one of the flyest boutiques in the country and thee illest store in Chicago hands down…..


I really can’t say enough…. if I ever own a boutique, it will be off the skeleton off this store but with my own twist… I recently did an interview for Don C’s new magazine so I’ll obviously post it here.

meanwhile visit RSVP Gallery’s website here: RSVP GALLERY

I shook hands with my boy FATS who really is bout that life and said peace to chicago….

had a great flight home….. for real though and I hate flying and I never say that, but I more than not, have good company on 1st class on flights… one thing I like about Virgin is that if they don’t sell the seats, they don’t just give it up to someone who wants it or feels they need it or an overly fat person (not to sound rude, but you gotta pay to play, just hard fact of life sometimes you need to sit and deal with)

when I got back, it was like 66 degrees and that was all good with me, I wasn’t even bothered by the traffic, I was just happy to be home… scooped up Nic and we headed over to Robata for some ramen and sushi

p.s. Don if you’re reading this…. I AM going to steal that fluorescent lime green DOM P bottle from you. unless you want to slang it to me

that’s all

everyone have a great weekend,


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