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before we get started with the costumes and stories…

let’s get some of this ICEE FRESH jewelry out of the way!

my boy RY gets it in over in the pacific northwest! Seattle all day… speaking of the pacific northwest, I gained even some more cats who get it in heavy in that area….. much love to the homey C.C. who I met up at Coffee Bean with to discuss shit… I respect the grind, good to connect with other asians all making moves!

but anyways,
some new all white diamond dog tags, this time, silly ice! over 20 carats total!
1000 diamonds! all white, all shimmy shimmy ya and these things are heavy!


let’s just start by saying…. this is just a blackberry pic! these tags are stoo pid!

now the back of the tags are special because I had “DEFER” from the world famous K2S graf crew write up the names for me…. MUCH LOVE HOMEY! we been in the game almost 30 years together! (any LA OG who knows the real… before CBS or any of the major crews…. K2S / STN crew were running the LA grafitti scene; I said LA. not the valley, not the southside…. LA)

so it don’t stop…. he copped wedding ring for his wifey


eternity style all prong set VS diamond wedding band…. stones are clean! .10 pointers all around!

and I think people forget how much amazing womens jewelry we stock at the store….
a friend copped his mom a bracelet the other day, price was right, so he copped 2!

all white on white 1 row diamond tennis bracelet… and then a white on white pave link bracelet

now on some creative shit….
make a wish!


yup…. a fully iced out genuine diamond Wish Bone! haha, every part of that pendant is iced out!
white gold, I don’t know the exact specs, but it’s very original and ill looking!

I got this invite a week ago

I knew it was gonna be on after seeing the invite lol….

so bring on Friday Night!

now besides 2 years ago, I haven’t dressed up in 29 years for halloween!
I mean, I think Nicolette brings out the best in me and so we got ready to head up to Paris and Nicky Hilton’s Halloween House party…

everyone who was trying to guess my costume got it wrong….
I wanted it to be retro, so I was Teen Wolf!


Paris always has great house parties….. and this time she used Mr. Winky’s crib up top Sunset Plaza directly across the street from Ice T’s old crib…. and for any LA, well Hollywood OG’s, you remember the epic parties that were thrown at this crib around 8 to 10 years ago……

so we get dropped off at the house and got there early to chill.
first things first,
Paris ALWAYS HAS THE BEST FUCKING CATERING PERIOD! kobe burger sliders, grilled cheese, cookies, cakes, peanut butter and jelly sammiches, vege burger sliders, gourmet pizza….. etc etc etc! 3 bars and free booze all night long. and it poured ALL NIGHT LONG! music provided by my fellow MCRIB’ER DJ MR BEST….

again we got there early to avoid any drama with shuttles, security and whatever…. but it was the perfect amount of people and it was CRACKING ALL NIGHT LONG! later it did definitely get packed…. and it was good to see Paris’s parents kathy and rick there get into the whole game…. they were cops… I told Rick I was gonna make him a grill like 2 years ago lol…. he still remembers that, so I may have to do that

it was good to run into old classmates like my boy Colin Digaro(to the left) who is 1/4th co-founder and owner of Myspace! I went to school with this kid from 2nd grade to 6th! never knew he would own and create such a powerful company!
that mask btw was so fucking hot I was dying inside… I had to get some household scissors to cut open a hole in the mouth area to use for drinking with a straw smh…
speaking of classmates, I ran into my homey Adrian Brody who I went to high school with for 2 years….. we had a couple classes together and he was acting then…. moved from NYC to LA in the late 80’s to film the Carol Burnett show…. never thought he’d make it big to win a oscar… good shit, glad to see him keep it real still.

people had all types of ill costumes…. some went all out!
I saw everything from the gay Blades of Glory leotards to Dharma LOST jumpsuits to all types of shit…. I didn’t really see as many guido’s as I thought I would! I was originally planned on being Pauly D for halloween and I had my fully Ed Hardy to studded True Religions to white air forces ready and tons of tan! smh

some pics…..


the house like I said was at the highest point of sunset plaza with a breathtaking view, but my hands were way too shaky! and other pics are of homeys and the crib…..

I didn’t take too many pics because I was told that there weren’t any cameras allowed in the house and anyone caught with a camera would get kicked out! so then I asked Paris, “I can’t take pics?” she said no gorgeous, I meant that for people I don’t really know lol

so back to some pics

Kurt Cobain = Scott Vener aka @brokemogul . . . lol I was actually with his brother Matt for most of the night and Matt was one of the casting directors for Tila’s reality show that never happened…. but Scott is the music supervisor for Entourage…. and a good friend. MJ = tony deniro aka T-Smoov! my fucking brother from another mother…. almost 20 years now! from top NFL draft pick to mackin dimes to next levels….. to really teaching me how to be a baller and to knocking Diddy out in a nightclub in front of EVERYONE! haahaha

my wonderful girlfriend…. 100% all natural

Nic and my little korean sister who is COOLER than shit!… she was Snookie and to see Anita rock a coach bag is a big deal! haahahaha, good shit sis! she still rocked the 17 carat VS diamond and rose gold gshock though (that’s her ghetto watch)

me, CY and Carlos…. fucking Cy kept poking me with his arrow and I don’t think he fucking knew how sharp that thing was… I socked him in the ribs later, but I think he thought it was someone else lol

now paris had the ill photo booth and a video booth there…..
she has a sick photo booth inside her house, but this was cooler because the pics were bigger!


these photo booth pics are some of the illest I’ve ever taken for Halloween!

we left around 2ish…. but the party was cracking way past 3am!
headed down to K-Town because I can’t do kitchen 24 or any other sceney spots in hollywood 1. because the streets were fucking packed and places are just too loud and annoying…..
so we got the official hot pot Bibim Bop!

btw, was so nice to catch up with a lotta people I haven’t seen in years….. was even nicer to have a driver take us safely around town!

thanks paris!

so while I was hungover like a motherfucker….
my lil bro, was already up doing book signings for NO REGRETS

didn’t want to get out of bed until around 2pm!
was on twitter talking shit all day…..
I seen the homey’s LMFAO got this pic lololol lmao!
someone took this of some cats (not dressed up for halloween at all)
and this shit looks dead on a lotta homey’s of mine who are all mutual friends!

from left to right: Red Foo, Cisco Adler, Homicide, Steve Aoki and Sky Blue lolololol

had to go to the store once I got rid of my excedrin 100000mg headache
man traffic all day saturday was fucked off totally!
took me an hour to get to my store and that’s with major backstreet driving!
got to IF and grinded at the store for a while….. got a project I need to finish a week before xmas that I wish I could blog about……

anyways, grab some shit to slang and shoot back to the trap to grab my girl….
head over to pasadena to meet up with a client and make an exchange; currency for jewelry

I heard the homey Tiesto was djing at the playboy mansion…. but the mansion hasn’t been cool since 2002 really. like for real for real, they’ll let anyone in there and the energy and mystique that once surrounded that place will never ever be the same….smh

I definitely didn’t feel like hitting a club up, so I went to Nic’s brother’s friends crib who was having a barn yard themed halloween….. WTF? exactly… I wasn’t about to get my hillbilly on…. and this was a filipino party pretty much…. so I said, fuck it, there’s hicks in True Blood, so let’s be vampires!

so I got some colored contacts(well actually Nic got some a year ago when she was in Asia)…. got some blood and some white face makeup…. and I found a cape and put on all black
and then….


shot over to the furthest western part of Glendale near where all the horses are and sure enough it was in the back of a barn yard of Nic’s brother’s friends crib…..

Nic’s brother was dressed as the situation, so I wasn’t trippin on my outfit. lol as soon as we walked in, there were mad cats rocking cowboy hats and cowboy shirts and I just laughed…

there was only Hennessey on the table (later there was damn near everything) and these motherfucking filipino’s can drink their asses off! there was some finger foods, some chips and all that shit was gone tooo fast!

I really wish I took a pic of the table when we left…. there was like 25 empty big bottles of booze….. there were like 20 people total at this shin dig lol

someone broke out a few spliffs and it was really on.
all in all, it was nice to have such a chill time with Nic’s fam and friends and nothing hollywood…. total opposite of what I did friday night and had a lotta fun

here’s some pics….

don’t trip on the cutest kid ever in history!

eric and sookie can’t see us! #trueblood


I was shanking cats early! Paul is the bictim!(filipino voice)

they didn’t have any bread…. don’t trip! I’ll put 2 ruffles together! haha


lolol…. still laughin at Jovin’s mustache!

crazy small world….. me and this cat MIKE go back like 10 years!

and last but not least….

the owner of the house (thanks Chuckie) and the person on this paper head are supposedly best friends….. so I seen this under his bed…. don’t trip Chuckie was ultra faded tho…. I don’t fully get the joke, but I thought I’d take the pic to refresh anyone’s memory! haha!

we left that house…. went to Nic’s parents crib to grab PeeWee and then fought the feeling of not stopping at a fast joint (preferably McDonald’s for McRibs) and Nic made me a sammich instead…..


thank god Hennessey doesn’t give you a hangover (true story)
but I felt like laying in bed and checking out pics and organizing some shit in the house….

met up with Apolo and John at Barney’s NYC for a few and dropped off a chain for Apolo’s pops….
shot the shit with John(who btw is the size of Shrek only much stronger than Shrek no joke) John is Apolo’s strength trainer and he’s built out of steel. like I’M DEAD SERIOUS…. tooo many stories being thrown…. but crazy hearing them, I love hearing the inside scoop on shit that goes on with boxers, olympians and pro athletes….

so as I was leaving, pacquio’s trainer Freddie Roach showed up….. crazy.

anyways, I went back to the crib to lay down and relax…. watching law and order and family guy(duh)
got a text from mr AAO and this is the 2nd time he’s sent this pic to me….

now Apolo doesn’t drink or smoke…. or any funny stuff or even drink soda really, so this is his guilty pleasure? HAS ANYONE TRIED THIS SHIT BEFORE? because I don’t trust it…. I don’t want to end up on an episode of Law and Order SVU and especially inside a white van. lol

so I took a nap and when I woke up…. Me and Nic met up with Apolo, John and Ian at Mr. Chows….
I went and scooped them up at the telly first and then we shot over to 1 of my old school classic faves….

I broke down the history of Mr Chows to Ian and John and then like Apolo always does… he orders for 14 people when it’s only 5 of us smh…. the bill ain’t pretty at Mr Chows either…. NOT EVER! lol

now, I see why Apolo works so damn hard…. he always fights me for the bill or like his skating skills, he gets it before anyone else…. Apolo’s really into the korean culture, but I guess he doesn’t realize that I’M HIS HYUNG! I grab a few, but damn, he wouldn’t even let me put in on this bill! so back to AAO, he truly enjoys seeing his friends get to taste the good life or continue doing so….. He is truly 1 in a trillion and beyond a rare species…. an amazing and loyal person I can tell already to his loved ones and embraces his fans to the fullest. I just can’t wait for the day I can throat chop him for no reason. I fuck with Apolo…. I got his back for real.

when we got home, I wanted to hit up Targer or CVS but the streets were already packed with weirdos hitting up Santa Monica Blvd in weho for the parade….. (I heard there were over a couple hundred thousand people! yes no lie) and I usually check it out once in a while if I have nothing to do, but I drank the past couple nights, so we stayed in and watched Boardwalk Empire which sucked last night btw…. and then I passed out kinda early.



P.S. PLEASE CHECK OUT APOLO TONIGHT ON DANCING WITH THE STARS…. HE’S GONNA BE DOING THE SMURF, THE GUESS AND MAYBE EVEN THE ALLEYCAT(OLD SCHOOL DANCE SHIT) but naw, he’s one of the celebrity coaches for the show tonight! peep him out…. I think he was just on the good day LA show this morning…. my bro gets it IN!

OH YEH! GO BUY APOLO’S BOOK! “ZERO REGRETS” its out at your local favorite book store!


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