1st Weekend Wrap of 2013…

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damn, it’s been a minute since one of these too huh?

linked up after a long game of phone and text tag that lasted over a year with my dude ASVP Rocky….

that’s a fly motherfucker right there and much love to a real harlem cat walking up in my store in the Slauson way early before he really really blew up…. shout out to my boy Chace for making it happen. we got a couple dope pieces in the queue

so right before the weekend, celebrity Chef who is blowing the fuck up Eddie Huang and Hennessy invited me to a small private dinner up in the Hills….
I recently met Eddie through my manager and he was a fan of my work and I was a big fan of his and so we connected… the dinner was small. like 20 heads… David Choe, Bobby/Ben Hundreds and Lani of Hellz Bellz, Bam (GPPR) and Bee Nguyen and Tammy Lovemade and my boy Sung of Clae was in the house….

that bottle was crazy…. but Eddie is even crazier!


but what was also crazy was that they gave us real money in the red envelopes… nothing big but still a nice gesture and of course the asian lucky #8 the menu was fly…

the venue was fly… I didn’t snap many pics, I feel weird doing that shit in someone else’s mansion….

and the dopest book on the market with 2 limited edition bottles of Henny ain’t bad!
gung hai fat choy!

stopped by to see my big homey and mentor Mister Cartoon to get my chest finally started on and he got down on the lettering like a true G….


it’s so funny and sad at the same damn time to see so many dumb young kids make the dumbest remarks on things they really have no clue about. what’s worse is what people say they would do if they had money or what not. Oh I wouldn’t get that, if I had this or had that. how about shut the fuck up and talk when you’re in the game, until then sit in the stands… the bleacher seats at that! smh. I’m not one for superstitions or jinx’s. I just ain’t that guy. sidebar: I have never fucked anyone over in my life that really didn’t have it already coming to them… but ironically I don’t believe in karma either. anyways…. shout out to my big bro Cartoon for putting the 2 loves of my life on me… I couldn’t have asked for anything more. the lines are straight and clean.
And to the idiots who mention all these youngster tattoo artists who BITE AND STEAL hand styles and letters shouldn’t talk. just be quiet and watch while the OG’s keep getting money. that’s not only my wife’s name, that’s the mother of my first born child and she was always be his mother. too many stereotypes thrown around when I don’t fit one single stereotype that most people try to aim my way….

oh, some kicks?
I got a late birthday gift from the man the myth the legend: Michael Jordan this past week… delivered via his son Marcus Jordan

thank you MJ and MJ for the fresh ass AJ’s

I got the crimson III’s early, but fuck…. I beat them up already and I had no idea how hard it was to land some 88’s… finally got 3 pairs

but you know who else got me a late birthday gift????

ughhhhh! lol


thank you little homey, because you know I wasn’t paying $2,500 to $3,200 for these!

so I guess now to some jewels… even though we have a lot of things in progress and I haven’t had time to post everything… here’s something small…

so now I am making grills for people I know only. and my boy Sean from Diamond ordered a COLD rose gold grill with the open frames.

I’m going to have to jock his style and make these in yellow gold and ice out the borders on the frame and leave the last 2 teeth fully gold and fully iced out! much love young homey, I love where your mind is at and your position with life. it’s great to see you so positive about life!

so I had some issues thursday night as you might remember from my last post… so I decided to cancel a working trip to houston for the nba all star game and I needed to cool off….
so I posted up with wifey and we hit up Coco Laurent finally and man let me tell you. the place has sooo much fucking potential!!! they will obviously catch a ton of Bottega Louie’s overflow, but damn… I was also disappointed in their food. you can’t be right across the street from a place so awesome and have ok food. smh


the food was nothing to write about…

I can’t be mad when this is my view

they need to step up some of their decor… they need a fly ass chandelier and some crazy accents added… the bar is dope, but it needs to face the street instead of the narrow ass hallway… the patio area is so dope and it could have that parisian feel that it wants to be, but they need work. we’ll see what happens

my moms lives pretty close by so I stopped by to say hi and she blessed me with a sick bottle of cognac

this shit is $200 a shot in a club! lol… thanks mom

and that night my mom took me to Mochica a brand new peruvian restaurant downtown and let me tell you. outside it being a little bit on the expensive side? that shit is like Mario’s on steroids and weed. the flavors are more enhanced than any other peruvian restaurant I’ve ever been to. the food was really really really good. damn. but again, small portions and a bit on the $$$ side

today is officially my moms birthday but we celebrated it yesterday at the Bel Air hotel…. and let me tell you, this place is low key, it’s beautiful. expensive as fuck and I like their room service better than the actual restaurant. but oh well….


these 2 things above are the only things worth ordering from their brunch menu. again, the restaurant is pretty but turn around and head over to the polo lounge if you want better food. smh

happy birthday mom!

last but not least….
on saturday night…. I got to get tatted by a very talented tattoo artist by the name of Chuey Quintanar who studied the greats and even though he’s younger than a lot of the greats… he’s been tattooing since he was 14 and his black and grey work is impeccable. He shows mad love to the best and the OG’s that came before him so it’s dope that I got to get in a session with him… he’s down with a lot of my fam and without a blessing from my boy cartoon, I wouldn’t have even sat in his chair…


chuey, my boy, thank you so much. you are so talented and you will go far in life for sure! for more details go to or hit up chuey work email

and now I’m off to the city of sin… a city I used to love so much and now I really kinda can’t stand it for the reason that it’s like a big fancier orange county and the clubs are filled with bottle rats who now serve the bottles… girls who couldn’t cut it as models and all under 5’5″ in height so figured lets become legal prostitutes by being a vip hostess/waitress… no thanks
I’m off to work, off to play a little bit, but there to promote my capsule collection with Diamond Supply and my watch with Neff….
catch me walking around magic, or catch me at my party tonight at XS!

I got my boy Diplo spinning and it should be crazy

have a great week! I’ll be back friday



yup… word to Chip Da Ripper

now this was a gentleman and class act.
you gave me, my friends and family so much entertainment.
showtime will forever stay in my memories and maybe your legacy will give us some strength to build a new future lakeshow. god bless. thank you again for the good times
lakers for life

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