Diamond Bear Necklace
Bear Necklace (1997) - Pendants - IF & Co.
Bear Necklace (1997) - Pendants - IF & Co.

Mid-Sized Bear Piece (1997)

$ 8,500.00

Straight from the IF & Co. archives, the Mid-Sized Bear Piece is a revival of our popular style from the late 90's. Let this diamond bear necklace remind you of all great memories of ones you love. Make a statement by taking this unique diamond bear necklace with you anywhere or share this symbol of youth and affection with someone special. This classic diamond bear pendant comes fully iced out and detailed classically with a vintage feel the way it was meant to be. Have something inscribed on the back of this diamond bear necklace and make it even more meaningful. A matching chain is included. Total carat weight about 4.00 carats. Height approximately 2" tall. Mid-sized.