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Legacy Piece: Micro Lion Piece (Partially Iced)


Widely recognized as one of the most powerful figures in the animal kingdom, the lion has power, strength, and bravery. Traditionally recognized as the "King of the Jungle", the lion remains one of the most powerful felines in the world today. The lion understands the importance of strength and courage, not only for survival of their pride and coalition, but for reasons of guidance and territorial domination. Our Micro Lion Piece is a diamond lion necklace that astonishes with intricate detail and unforgivingly expresses a willingness to protect. Our version of the diamond lion necklace is designed to signify the strength and courage of a lion. Proudly show your true inner character with this diamond lion necklace. Partially iced out with diamond eyes and diamond in the mouth. A matching chain is included. Total carat weight about 0.25 carat. Approximately 1.2" tall.