Bear Jewelry

Teddy Bear Necklaces

Comforting and cute, IF & Co.’s Bear Jewelry collection exudes classic appeal with a carefree attitude. A symbol of youth, affection, and comfort, a teddy bear necklace is just as meaningful as it is adorable. Keep a diamond bear pendant with you at all times so that your special someone remains close to your heart.

Something Old, Something New

Our collection features two revival pieces straight from our archives, which have been classically detailed for a vintage feel. Alongside our throwback pieces, we also carry a new solid gold bear cub, complete with diamond eyes.

Whether you only want a touch of diamonds, or a fully iced teddy bear necklace with a hint of color, these pendants make for a perfect gift for yourself, or that special someone in your life.

Handcrafted and hand-detailed at our headquarters in Los Angeles, our diamond bear pendant are available in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, and each one comes with a matching chain.

Customize Your Bear Piece

If you’re inspired by any of the pieces from our Bear Jewelry collection and are interested in creating a custom teddy bear necklace of your own, send us a message with the details of your original design. Our skilled team of artisans will work with you to bring the dream of your diamond bear pendant to life.

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Bringing Your Ideas to Life, One Diamond at a Time

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