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OUR 'LIL UZI VERT VS. THE WORLD' CHAIN! - IF & Co. Custom Jewelers


Lil Uzi Vert’s quirky style and undeniable charm has him rising up the ranks of the rap industry at a rapid rate. After being featured in XXL’s Freshman Class of 2016 the 22 year old gained a serious following, released two mixtapes, and was featured on some of the hottest tracks in hip hop (let’s face it, everyone’s still bumping Bad and Boujee). Lil Uzi truly began taking his listeners and everyone in the industry on an interesting ride to the future in 2016. He contributed to some major changes in the rap game and shows no signs of stopping there.
Having recently signed with Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang, the Philly native plans on revisiting his old flow and will release the sequel to his debut tape entitled “Luv Is Rage 2” sometime soon. Known for his bold style and eccentric taste, Lil Uzi Vert has become a notable fashion icon for today’s youth. Playing with color and taking risks with everything from his hair to his chains, Uzi has taught us the importance of embracing our inner weirdo and expressing our individuality. When A$AP Rocky asked us to crea te a chain for him, we knew we had to make something seriously special.
Using his “Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World” mixtape cover as inspiration, we created a colorful and iced out pendant complete with a Gucci link chain that is as unique as the man himself. The piece features over 100 carats of mixed diamonds and gemstones on a 14 karat white gold base. It took us a record-breaking time of three weeks to produce this hand-crafted piece and we perfectly set over several thousands of stones for the perfect balance of beauty and optimal shine. With a price tag of $100K, this is one of the greatest chains we’ve made (and one of the most fun, too) and we’re so proud that someone as dope as Lil Uzi Vert gets to rock it!
Of all his chains, I’m sure that this custom IF & Co. piece is Lil Uzi’s favorite. He liked it so much he had to feature it on the cover of “Luv is Rage 2”, and even shouts it out on the track “Forreal*” where he raps “all my diamonds forreal, different color like Pharrell’s”. We’re stoked for the album to drop and are flattered to have been a part of its inspiration.
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