Dragon Jewelry

Dragon Pendant Necklace

For centuries, dragons have been celebrated as powerful, protective, and wise mythical creatures. If you want to make a bold statement, a dragon pendant necklace will add an elegant, but fiery touch to any ensemble. Discover our majestic collection of Dragon Jewelry at IF & Co. today.

Two Powerful Designs

Our Dragon Jewelry features two brilliant designs that have been handcrafted and expertly detailed by our team of world class jewelers, created with the highest quality materials and finished with an artist’s touch.

The Milli Dragon Necklace comes in your choice of 10K, 14K or 18K yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. Accented with a ruby eye, a diamond orb, and dazzling diamond scales, this piece is destined to become a legend.

The Pamp Suisse Year of the Dragon Gold Bar is a magnificent achievement of quality design, featuring a precisely crafted diamond bezel and a matching gold chain for a brilliant gold necklace that will be passed down for generations.

Customize Your Dragon Piece

If you’re loving our dragon necklace pendant collection, but you want to put your own spin on one our of our exclusive pieces, simply send us a message. Our team can bring any original design to life for a custom piece that’s made just for you. Discover the power of our Dragon Jewelry collection when you place your order today.

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