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Article: Custom 18K White Gold Promise Eternity Ring for Savage 21, Commissioned by Amber Rose

Custom 18K White Gold Promise Eternity Ring for Savage 21, Commissioned by Amber Rose

When Amber Rose commissioned IF & Co. to create something really special to commemorate her relationship with Atlanta rapper 21 Savage, our team of highly-skilled jewelers took her idea to task with care and propensity. What came of it was a stunning 18K White Gold Promise Eternity Ring with approximately 7 carats of never-ending internally flawless, F-color, round white diamonds that reach all around its band. The precious ring contains the words "LOYALTY 21," set with Natural AAA Red Rubies, epitomizing the very reason why eternity rings were created.

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IF & Co.'s very own Ben Baller personally delivered the treasured custom LOYALTY 21 ring to Amber Rose ahead of the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards in August. Amber, dressed in a sleek, black dress posted a picture to Instagram of herself and 21 on the VMA red carpet. The Issa Album rapper was captured proudly showcasing the $50,000 surprise endowment, while she affectionately planted a kiss on him. “Imma pounce on him as soon as we get home," she captioned to the Instagram post.

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The alluring promise ring caught the eye of numerous mainstream online publications such as TMZHipHopDX and E Online among a plethora of other websites who reported on Amber's heartfelt gift to her boyfriend, 21 Savage.

The loving couple recently opened up about the status of their passionate relationship this past summer and it appears the two have gotten increasingly serious over time. It's been reported that 21 has already bonded with Amber's son Bash, whom she shares with Grammy Award-winning artist Wiz Khalifa. Wiz, who is in a relationship of his own, says he's cool with their budding romance and Rose has expressed that not only is she in love, but she wants to marry the multi-platinum selling rap star.

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The 18K White Gold Promise Eternity Ring Amber had personally designed for 21 makes it clear the two are in it for the long haul and are clearly head over heels in love with each other. 21 recently supported his leading lady at her annual SlutWalk in Los Angeles this past weekend, and despite the harsh criticism, as the "Bank Account" rapper has gone on record to say: "No disrespect will be tolerated." Now, that's loyalty and devotion. It's truly everything Promise Eternity Rings classically exemplify—a genuine vow of love, faith and commitment.

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