Ben Baller stands for more than any product, he represents a way of living an ambitious lifestyle with a success-oriented mindset fueling your psychological engine. The good man hustles and grinds 24/7, even in his sleep he's ringing up for dollar signs. I've learned a lot from him. Built our family brand from ground up and I have so much more to learn.

Emily from Billboard Magazine visited us at the shop last week for an article featuring Ben Baller at the shop. The photoshoot was dope! It's a short article which you can gain an excellent insight from. Check out the article feature right here on Hollywood Reporter, or Billboard Magazine if you have a Billboard.com subscription service to view the original article.

A few cool feature pics:

luxury watches
gold necklaces
custom gold and silver pendant

For any custom jewelry inquiries you may have, our team stands always ready. We are best reachable at info@ifandco.com. Hit us up anytime with your questions.

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