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Legacy Piece: Baby Cherub Angel (Praying Hands, Partially Iced)


As one story goes, many young and unsophisticated protectors of their nation went into battle and sacrificed their own lives for the greater good. Another story tells Cherubs were beasts posted as gatekeepers to a kingdom. However, they were always guardians and protectors who would do all in their power to protect those closest to them. Here is our Cherub Angel chain with praying hands made in solid gold with diamonds on the wings and eyes. A diamond angel chain can represent multiple meanings when worn, as it represents today an angel from heaven. One who protects through prayer until the end of time. Our diamond angel chain can represent that and bring heavenly memories which can live forever. Our diamond angel chain is hand detailed all around with precision and care. A matching chain is included. Total carat weight about 0.60 carat. Height approximately 1.7" tall. Baby size.