Every piece starts with an idea. If you have one, we'll make it a reality. Whether it’s a sketch of a simple engagement ring, or a complexly detailed music label logo, we can work with it. Share with us what you want made to start the work, this is the first step to the custom jewelry process.

Once your design is decided and finalized, we proceed to the waxmaking stage of the custom jewelry process. We stay true to our roots and continue the tradition of handcutting our wax molds where needed in order to ensure each piece of jewelry is handcrafted to perfection throughout the entire process.


Metal Casting

Every piece undergoes an intense, heat-filled process of converting our wax creations to the precious metal type you choose. We melt at optimal temperature levels in order to shape and mold each piece to perfection. With our torches’ flames reaching over 3KºF, we skillfully utilize decades of close-up experience to result in the highest quality craft of metals possible for our pieces.



Whether a piece is fully diamond-encrusted or simply made in plain gold, we ensure every piece is held to our standards of quality. If a piece requires any diamonds (or other gemstones), we handpick and inspect every stone before they are each set by our craftsman.

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