Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry

IF & Co. offers a wide range of hand-made silver jewelry, simple but timeless pendants and chains that are fundamental pieces to any jewelry collection. These solid silver necklace charms, chains, and pendants offer an everyday version of many of our iconic designs, many of which feature a subtle detailing of diamonds for brilliance. Our hand-made silver chains are a perfect addition to your jewelry collection or the perfect gift for a friend, with each piece hand-crafted at our facilities in Los Angeles.

Silver Pendants

Our silver necklace charms and pendants are exquisitely detailed by hand in our Los Angeles shop by skilled artisans. Whether your preference is something spiritual, like a cross, or more unique, like our wolf charm, we have a pendant to perfectly set off any chain.

Silver Chains

Our silver chains are beautiful and affordable. Available in a modern ball chain or more traditional Franco style, these chains are as functional as they are attractive. For the best value, pair a chain with one of our pendants to create a custom silver necklace set.

Turn Silver Into Gold

See a design you’d rather have in gold? Our silver jewelry is also available plated in 18k gold. This will give you the gold look, without the heavy gold cost. Would you rather have your silver necklace charms rendered in pure gold? Contact us and our artisans will hand make your piece.

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