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IF & Co. Pendant Sizes

Posted by James Her on

Pico. Nano. Micro. Milli. Baby. Mid-Size. Standard. And occasionally, XL. These are all reference prefix names many of our artwork has to describe their size, but what do they actually mean? Let me explain.

Pico is considered anything smaller than 3/4th of an inch in height and it is generally the smallest size we offer. It is the most petite size we currently offer and is suitable for most females and children. This is a size I do not recommend for most men.

Nano is considered anything less than 1 inch in height . These pendants are suitable best for most females and youth from infants to young children, but can definitely be worn by men, too. Personally, I think the Nano size is the most conservative and humble size our company offers. Anything nano is recommended if subtlety is your within your motive.

Micro is considered anything between 1 to 1.5 inches in height. Currently, our Micro pieces are our most popular sized pendants, as it is a size we consider perfect for all-around looks and best for everyday wear. This size measurement is suitable for most custom pendant designs, and is big enough to make a strong statement while keeping subtle. Not too heavy, yet definitely not light. We believe everyone should have at least one or two Micro pieces within their jewelry arsenal.

Baby is considered anything between 1.6 to 2.5 inches in height. This is a slightly larger size (after our popular Micro size) that makes a stronger statement. The pieces are larger and generally heavier. The jump from a smaller size to the Baby size allows us more room for detail, which promises a much more detailed result overall.

Mid-Sized is considered anything between 2.6 to 3 inches in height. We've been getting a ton of e-mails in regards to the size options of our Jesus Pieces. Some say the Baby size is too small, yet the Standard size is too big. Due to the growing demand by you (thank you very much), we've come up with the Mid-Size size, which falls right in between the Baby and the Standard sizes.

Standard is considered anything between 3 to 4 inches in height. These sizes are more premium sizes and they come at a much higher price the the previously mentioned sizes. This size allows us to cover just about every detail on just about any design you pitch at our team to craft.

XL Size is considered anything 4 inches or larger in height. These sizes are generally reserved exclusively for the heavy hitters. You can expect our XL Pieces to have a starting price of $50,000 and up and I'd kindly like to ask you to double check your paperstack prior to inquiring about any XL Piece.

We are currently working on a few more sizes. Stay tuned and you should see this page be updated again.

If you have any questions in regards to pendant sizes or chain lengths, feel free to contact us by e-mailing us at info@ifandco.com. We are here to help!

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J Balvin's Lightning Bolt Piece

Posted by James Her on

Just last week was when the globally-recognized Colombian superstar J Balvin Try it Yourself » Ben for next new piece. The piece had to be something clean and meaningful, not just to himself but something that represented his crew. The Lightning Bolt came to mind and that's what he wanted us to make. Once we knew this was what he wanted, we got to work.


The hustlers, the go-getters, the ones motivated far more than others to put in 110% everyday to stand out from the rest, these are the ones we serve here at IF & Co. Our pieces are statement pieces and they represent you and something you believe in. If you don't have something to believe in, perhaps you should find something to in order to always better yourselves.

We pride ourselves in our custom work and we are only getting better with each piece being made. For any custom work inquiries, shoot us an e-mail at info@ifandco.com.

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Growing Demand: Custom Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Diamond Encrusted by IF & Co.

Posted by James Her on

Every thing we create here at IF & Co., we believe, should result to closest representation of your very own self-expression to the world in physical form. The way we do that is by having an exceptional team of designers and craftsman who persistently work amazing well together to create something you'd label as beautiful. We hear you out, listen to your needs, and blueprint down to every detail to the best of our abilities, to craft what you can proudly call, your very own masterpiece. And all which can last for generations to come.

We just happen to craft our pieces beautifully, and our prices are very fair.

The last 14k Rose Gold Yeezy Boost 350 piece we made was dope. After some buzz by the good guys at Nice KicksComplex, HYPEBEAST, High Snobiety, and many other outlets, our team here at IF & Co. are very happy to have contributed to some decent hype over gold and diamond kicks. The past month, we've received tons of inquiries on custom pieces pertaining to some of your favorite kicks of all brands; SuperStars to Air Jordans, with the J1's in particular being the most popular (in terms of inquiries). We've made many custom shoes to date, but the one growing in popularity as of lately is hands down the Yeezy Boost 350.

Check out the most recent Yeezy Boost 350 we crafted for a good local, consisting of solid 14k yellow gold with handset diamonds carefully selected from our VS+ mix:

For any custom work inquiries, hit us up at INFO@IFANDCO.COM and you'll get a fast response from the team. We're quick with it.

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Rob Kardashian x Blac Chyna - Custom Made 7ct. VVS Engagement Ring by Ben Baller x IF & Co.

Posted by James Her on

Last night was an exceptionally special night for a young couple here in Hollywood. Ben Baller had made and personally delivered himself, an absolutely stunning 7.XX carat VVS engagement ring to his long time family friend, Rob Kardashian. The ring was made for the one and only Blac Chyna, at a fair ticket of $325k. We had made sure this diamond ring had no imperfections anywhere. As always, this ring was hand-crafted with upmost care to the highest of standards set by us here at IF & Co. We want to make the best, and only the best. TMZ.com has all the first look exclusive info about it.

For any custom work engagement ring inquiries, you can hit up the IF & Co. team via e-mail at info@ifandco.com.

More links about this ring has arisen following TMZ's article release. Here are just a selected few from of the many out there:

E! Online, Refinery29, Life & Style Magazine, UPIWonderWall, Inquisitr and Glamour.

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Picture Perfect! Custom 1 of 1, Yellow Gold Canon 5D Mark III Camera Pendant

Posted by James Her on

Jay, owner of 1st Impression Studio, reached out to us via contact form last week to design and create something that pertains to his biggest passion; photography. With a comfortable spending budget of $10k for a full set, he wanted something beautiful yet strong enough to last generations to come. His primary weapon of choice has been the Canon 5D Mark III for years. As someone who loves shooting wide angled portraits to capture beautiful moments of people, there was no better choice to go with other than a 24mm Macro L-series lens. So we got to work on the initial wax mold:
And the result:
The pendant weighs in at 65 grams of 14k gold. 34 stones from our VS+ mix of diamonds were carefully hand-set diamond bezel on the front of the Canon 24mm L-series lens, totaling at approximately 1.2 carats. His set weighs way over 100 grams of 14k gold when his Cuban Link chain is added and Jay told he's in love with his new setup!
We pride ourselves in our custom work and we are only getting better with each piece being made. For any custom work inquiries, shoot us an e-mail at info@ifandco.com.
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