Imagine a world where custom jewelry does not exist.
It'd be a pretty boring world, and half of the rap lyrics we find ourselves rapping along to would be wiped from existence. Jibbs' chain would definitely not hang low. Rick Ross might only have one Jesus piece. Kanye wouldn't be as chain heavy. And, let's face it, Gucci wouldn't be as icy.

We'd end up being a race of people wearing the same basic chains, and the world would lack serious individuality. The hype and excitement surrounding the jewelry industry would cease to exist. A chain would be just another chain, and 2 Chainz would more than likely be reduced to 1 Chain (or No Chainz).

Eliminating this creative form of wearable art, fine jewelry would lose its appeal. We believe custom jewelry is an incredible art form, and without it, we'd lose a valuable method of creative self-expression. One's ability to flex their statuses on others would be seriously hindered. A world without custom jewelry is a world I'd never want to live in. 

Thankfully, we're blessed to live in a dimension where custom jewelry exists. At IF & Co., we pride ourselves on our ability to bring our clients rare and imaginative quality pieces. We're grateful to wake up every morning and do what we do best.

If you're looking for a fresh way to wear your uniqueness, we can help. Exercise your right to freedom of icee expression and talk to us about creating your very own custom piece today. And if you need some creative ideas, check out our previous creative works on our Instagram right here.

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