Every thing we create here at IF & Co., we believe, should result to closest representation of your very own self-expression to the world in physical form. The way we do that is by having an exceptional team of designers and craftsman who persistently work amazing well together to create something you'd label as beautiful. We hear you out, listen to your needs, and blueprint down to every detail to the best of our abilities, to craft what you can proudly call, your very own masterpiece. And all which can last for generations to come.

We just happen to craft our pieces beautifully, and our prices are very fair.

The last 14k Rose Gold Yeezy Boost 350 piece we made was dope. After some buzz by the good guys at Nice KicksComplex, HYPEBEAST, High Snobiety, and many other outlets, our team here at IF & Co. are very happy to have contributed to some decent hype over gold and diamond kicks. The past month, we've received tons of inquiries on custom pieces pertaining to some of your favorite kicks of all brands; SuperStars to Air Jordans, with the J1's in particular being the most popular (in terms of inquiries). We've made many custom shoes to date, but the one growing in popularity as of lately is hands down the Yeezy Boost 350.

Check out the most recent Yeezy Boost 350 we crafted for a good local, consisting of solid 14k yellow gold with handset diamonds carefully selected from our VS+ mix:

gold and silver shoe necklace

jeweled shoe

For any custom work inquiries, hit us up at INFO@IFANDCO.COM and you'll get a fast response from the team. We're quick with it.

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