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When it comes to the rap game, Drake has been on top for quite some time. The rapper has accumulated an enormous fanbase since he first appeared on the scene in the mid-2000s. He has since risen in rank and has established himself as one of the most successful rappers in the industry. Drake put his hometown, Toronto, on the map, and has left a trail of chart-topping hits, notable artists, and hyped apparel worldwide.


The Six God and our very own, Ben Baller, go way back. They met at the Beverly Center in 2008 where they instantly clicked, and Ben showed Drake around town and how we do things here in L.A. After nearly ten years of friendship, an illustrious history, and a whole lot of chains, Drake decided to keep the IF & Co. family close and commissioned us to make his latest pieceStone Island is a premium Italian menswear brand that Drizzy has taken quite a liking to recently. He wanted the piece to celebrate the success of his “Boy Meets World” European tour with the iconic Stone Island logo. The brand had openly sponsored the entire tour and The Boy has been spotted wearing their designs throughout his European ventures.

With that being said, we created Drake's new piece. 100%. Custom. Made.

Drake’s Stone Island chain expertly encompasses our values of superior design and craftsmanship, after all, the boy deserves only the best. With a $100,000 price-point, the setup features a hefty, diamond-encrusted pendant with a matching Hermes link chain. The solid gold piece was inspired by the Stone Island compass logo and features a reference to Drake’s tour with the words “The Boy On Tour.” On the back of the chain, we’ve engraved “Bringing That Certy” along with Drake’s infamous 6 God logo as well as our signature mark to really personalize the piece. We used green, canary yellow, and black diamonds on the pendant to capture the perfect amount of shine and effectively emulate Stone Island’s logo. The entire necklace weighs in at approximately 880 grams of 14-karat gold with approximately 500 grams composing of the pendant alone.


Ben exclusively hand-delivered this godly piece to Drake in Manchester only a few days ago, and we’re pleased to announce that The Boy loves it. Drake will be dropping his latest project, More Life, shortly, and we can’t wait to bump it to some champagne. We wish Drizzy all the best with the rest of his tour and his upcoming album, and we here at IF & Co. are proud to have played a part in the process.


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