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it’s YP
it’s 1OFF ENTERTAINMENT GROUP and these guys aren’t fucking around!

you already know my chicago team don’t play, from the grown man lifestyle fucking with Boats, High end luxury vehicles…. fancy meals to pink champagne of that PJ is nothing new…. international swag from Paris to St. Barts…. 1 off parties all over the globe to now starting a record label.

my boys over there in the CHI jewel game is nice and that’s because I make sure they got constant universal impeccable shine… so yesterday I got the honor to chain the newest cat to come out the camp, but not a new jack at all…. for those who say Hip Hop is dead and are under the age 32, then please shut the fuck up. I can say that, but lately there is a LOT of good music coming out and a good amount of noise is coming out of the midwest, specifically Chicago and my boy YP is a shooting star out of the southeast side of chitown!

before we continue, let’s turn the temperature down a bit with some ice!

“god bless this man I put this ice over”

YP’s logo I had to work with…


and then the swaguuuuu….


the piece is solid white gold and heavy! solid franco…. all VS white diamonds. 17 carats to be exact!

the smile on my boys face was priceless!

and he deserves it!
my boy got some FUCKING HEATTTTT coming!
the tracks he did with HIT BOY are crazy!
here’s something he dropped last year…

I wish I could let you hear this “trade it all” song, but I have to wait…

here’s a track he did with the homey Jim Jones (video shot too, but we’ll drop that in a minute)

my boy is ready for the big stage… he can rap his ass off, the music is right…. you’ll hear that single shit when you hear that hit boy track and others to come… he can hold his own and he got music with others too…. shout out to Red Cafe. so get on this shit now before anyone else.

there will be updates on my G periodically.

some GAME:
people getting mad about another person being put on before them or people hating because they think one person had a better sweeter connect and think that it was only money or dick sucking to get that connect…. NO dunce. NO MATTER WHAT, always remember, somewhere hard work was involved to build that connect. So with that hard work put in, the reward is having doors open and laying out red carpet for your fam or associates. do something about it instead of yapping your gums. that shit does nothing. no matter what dummy says about me on the internet or in the streets… cats see me daily in a fresh whip, they don’t know what I got. nobody really knows. I don’t care. I’m in V12’s, draped in gold and eating shit 90% of these illiterate shitheads can’t pronounce. not even a billionaire can hate on me or my team. we put in our work. that .00000000001% that win the lottery is not us. no hand outs or leeches in our camp. nobody is renting shit. and nobody is rocking shit they can’t afford. but anyone inside my fam is welcome to anything material wise I have. so just know that. get some commas in your life. I act as if I was broke on the regular and I’m more humble in person than anyone would think… why shouldn’t I be? And you can be the coolest nicest person on the earth, but it’s hard to be humble when you’re rollin down the street pushin a brand new 4 door aston martin rapide or in a new Rolls. But these days my money is just going in different places. I know there are a lot of people out there doing worse than I am and others who are doing better…. but I’m not keeping score. I have my own scale of what I need to be doing and where I need to be. I still feel that there is enough out there for everyone. again, do something about it.
that’s just some game I want y’all to marinate on. but this isn’t about ME, this blog entry is about my boy YP

god bless.

YP you my motherfucking man!
ONEoff you’re my team
chicago, much love

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