YG . . . young gangsta

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aka mr. “toot it and boot it” who sold a shit load of ringtones and singles and is from the west coast…. the hub city to be exact!

much love to my little homey who decided to spend some of his hard earned money with us….
this chain is NOT small, it’s not even big, its MAJOR!

okay, no stories, here it is


and that last pic is to show you how fucking big YG’s chain is…. you already know that 7-UP can is huge for a custom charm….

okay, I gotta get ready for NYC and cut my wig, get a mani/pedi…. meet some clients and then meditate because I HATE cold weather!

I won’t be alone in the weather change though…
one of my clients/homey’s just had a major climate change too!

left the bahamas…. his residence

arrived in freezing Canada….. should be in NYC later today… I’ll be there shortly too

everyone stay up!

my birthday is tomorrow, the 27th!
and for the first time in a very very long time if ever, I’m not celebrating my birthday with a party…..

I’m blessed to have what I have


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