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So yesterday I was running around doing deliveries like santa on cocaine…. hella scruffy, but I had to take care of my VI VIP’s for real….. I had to run around from 1 end of LA to the other….. (never have I looked that crunchy, but didn’t have time to trip on vanity, GRIND!) and I had some help from a friend who I met through my blog…. His name is Sean and he’s a youngin, but a hungry hustlin cat…. just a solid non offensive dude. straight up wants to get his foot into different things I can tell and I had him run an errand for me in Woodland Hills and he came through 100…. crazy thing is, He got me some x-mas gifts and I didn’t even expect shit…. I thought maybe he’d get me some air dusters, etc…. I really wasn’t expecting much and I’ve hooked him up big time with gear and kicks at silly ridiculous prices to throwing in a lot of free shit…. but still, didn’t expect the boy to come through and not only do me a huge favor in regards to Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union, but also deliver gifts? damn son


the kid ain’t even 21 and was able to get me 2 bottles of my favorite tasting Rose’ and a votivo red currant candle…. smh… for real. YOU ARE LIKE 1 THOUSAND DOLLARS BRO…. A TRUE G!

so the other day while at the Nicki Minaj video shoot…. I had too much other work that was important than trying to network some shit I already got…. so I headed over to Crooks to grab some holiday/spring gear for a photoshoot coming up and some new footwear for this bay area trip for x-mas…. while I was there, the homey TK Nguyen was handing out bottles of Magnum Belvedere and I didn’t know he was doing marketing for them as he’s the Avatar for my long time homey Bee Nguyen lol….. same last name and they both promote parties…. Bee is the ambassador for LA marketing for Belvedere and he also met up with me, but at a different time and hooked me with another magnum of Belve…. so I got a lot of liquor for NYE…..


yo TK, I love you buddy… but how are you going to be successful in life if you can’t even spell “SUCCESS” correctly?
lol damn smh….

much thanks and love Bee and TK…. these bottles will come into use for sure…. love the limited edition quick strike colored Belve too.

so after all that running around all over LA to make sure everyone is right, I shot over to Platinum Motorsport…. Now it’s been a long time since I got to sit down and just chop it up with my kinfolk over there….. just like us, there’s always work and some shit going on there…. blink for a sec and you’ll miss a bugatti or a crazy vintage ferrari or a lambo getting work done…. I’m so immune to anything there, it’s sad; because NO OTHER CAR TUNING MOTORSPORT PLACE IS DOING IT LIKE THEM! 1 of the main reasons why Platinum is still around and still shitting on the game is because they really covering every angle and executing shit like no other. They expanded into the most legit exotic rental car company to even regular ass rentals for insurance claims etc….. They do full service car service with drivers and professional security available in almost anything from a limo to van to a $350,000 Mercedes Benz Sprinter and WAIT TIL YOU SEE THIS FUCKING VAN! wow! shit is NOT A GAME! champagne bucket holders…. retarded full leather headliners with fluorescent michael jackson type roof like you was looking up at a Billie Jean video… hundred speakers with state of the art sound system…. host who will pour you your drinks…. 42″ LED 3D tv’s and I can’t even begin to tell you how much more. it’s just silly….

you see, the thing I respect the most about them and why they didn’t fall off like 310 did is, they didn’t attack 1 single demographic…. no offense, but it wasn’t just for the NBA and D-Boy’s… they cats are customizing shit for the blue blooded for real for real rich folks to saudi princes to celebs and then to the real go getter 24/8 hustlers and to the most picky car enthusiasts like Chris Mills etc…. the thing about it is, that George and Rob are such connoisseurs to the car game, they have not only been in this industry for a long time and live it, they have researched their trade and craft. I mean, yesterday George dropped the name Howard Becker and honestly I was shocked…. now I been around fancy cars a longggg time and I’m a month away from being 38 and in the mid 80’s nobody in the world was doing cars like Electronic Entertainment aka Howard Beckers shop on La Cienega… he was doing everyone shit from Mike Tyson to Sylvester Stallone to Prince and MJ back then…. and he’s still doing it now, but on a different level with luxury coach vehicles like shit he did for Will Smith….. but George is knocking on dudes door EARLY! But for George to know cats who were doing it before him that long ago when he was barely born is crazy. That’s really studying and strengthening your forte’ and it’s not just about trying to see if 22’s will fit on a lambo…. it’s about being classy and pushing limits and setting trends. not being corny and throwing anything just to do it. He wasn’t just in it to make money and only make money, of course he’s getting paid, but he’s doing what he loves and the money was the bonus! and with Rob on his team who was a boss over at DAZZ who has been around for like 17+ years… they got it locked down and what these guys got that 310 didn’t was exclusive distribution and their own line of wheels…. they also aren’t taking their cars to other spots to get worked on like a concierge does…. platinum has bays ready and do all work in-house. While cats are wondering about Asanti and shit like that, George and PM don’t even carry that line or fuck with them…. When George starts pushing a wheel you can best believe you will see a lot of people watching and wanting that wheel on their cars…. and now also with Rob who’s been cracking the whip over there for over a year, they got true management and direction on a different level which allows George to remain creative. For a young cat, he got the magic eye and I respect him and his upbringing…. I think sometimes George watched too many classic gangster films, but at the end of the day, them movies are nothing compared to how he runs his business and how him, his brother and pops and crew run day to day…. I fucks with this guy heavy and so many cats between us have come and go and been clowns with ponzi schemes, but throughout all the bullshit, he’s kept it 1000 and I’ve kept it 1000, so it all works out.

His little brother Jack? that’s a whole other story for a different time. It was just good to catch up with my homey’s and FYI, you see that advertisement box to the far right that says Platinum Motorsport? yeh it ain’t going anywhere and there will be more history and more stories and legendary shit to come. I trust them cats with anything and let them hold whatever they want if they need it and they do the same for me…. I would trust George to hold a millie cash and wouldn’t expect $17 dollars missing for real. It all came from good genes and street smarts and his strong ties to his pops and fam…. pops is no joke!

If I never studied the cats that mattered before me and still do matter (Graff, Tiffany, Cartier, etc etc… even Jacob) then I’d never be able to push the bar and be successful, because I’ve surpassed many milestones in this career already in less than 5 years. and I love it when I walk by a Cartier window display and see them doing things I was doin 5 years ago…. that I NEVER SAW THEM DO IN THE LAST 15 YEARS.

anyways, the reason why I went there was because I was going to rent a nice escalade or a panamera or something for the road trip to the bay, but I said fuck it, let me put my stocks on my car and push my own whip because 1. I truly don’t give a shit about my 7 and 2. I know it in and out so I won’t be in something foreign literally and figuratively speaking….. the 7 got everything I need and will get me up there easy in this trife ass weather. plus I got pee wee with me (nic’s dog) so you know…. and George wasn’t trippin on me regardless. He was gonna let me live…. lol, I love this motherfucker “WE GOTTA DO WHAT WE GOT TO DO B”

I don’t know what my next move is whip wise… but I am def gonna get an all black prius very soon….

lastly, I’m grateful for just having 1 of the best years of my entire life for real. 2010 was amazing and it was so good, it’s prepared me for 2011 which I’m hella juiced for…. ever since I met Nicolette, I’ve increased my business and income tenfold at the least…. and I’ve deaded a lot of bad habits and deaded a lotta bullshit ass people.



I got a photoshoot for Skinnie magazine tonight and it’ll be for the february 2011 issue (magic)

gotta pack and then I’m finally off for 4 days.

p.s. I got this text from mr fitness 8 olympic medals aka Apolo Ohno lol

I love that AAO keeps it gully sometimes and not always on some glass of water, organic free range chicken type shit…. LIVE FAM! LIVE! hahahaha

okay, gotta go!
god bless! much love and stay warm


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