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So while I’m hungover and got nothing else to do….
why not kill the time by getting this blog up… FINALLY!

started out thursday the 23rd, me and Nic packed up the 7 and headed out to the Bay Area to her family’s home…. she has a VERY big family….. they do this every single year and well me? I haven’t had a big family x-mas with a tree and all that in over 20 years easily, maybe 25 years at least.

you know what else has been a long time coming? me driving in a car actually myself (not a tourbus) for longer than 2 hours…. it’s been close to 10 years on that; 1. because I hate being in a car for long periods of time now 2. I got into a really bad car wreck with my escalade in 2000 and flipped my truck 8x on hwy 15….. 3. in 2001 on the way to napa valley, I got a flat tire with no spare(most porsches don’t have spares) and was stuck in the middle of Cali near Harris Ranch for hours with no water, so that leads to 4. ANXIETY OF BEING IN A CAR NOW!

so not only was this new again, I had nic’s dog with me….. she has 4 dogs btw

so we hit the 5 and it’s not so bad after a long massage

so after about 150 miles, I need to take a piss, the dogs need to take a piss (we convoy’d with her parents in a car ahead of us) and they were hungry….. now I can’t eat when I’m in a car for a long time because my metabolism is very fast…. so eating would mean I would have to go 2x or so before we hit our destination and I just really want to get there!

I take a nap and wake up near Tracy, CA and I know we’re like only 20 minutes away!

we get to the Sheraton in Dublin (only 3.5 star hotel or better in the area) and I’m maxxin literally…. the 7 is one of the best cars to be in during a long drive… thank god Nic drove the remaining way. I take off to get a car wash (since we’re on stocks, it’s all good!) no more rain either for the moment….

we head out after a short 2nd nap to her family’s house to meet up and say Hi real quick

Nic’s newborn niece…. she’s maybe the most behaved baby ever! in 4 days, I didn’t hear her cry NOT 1 SINGLE TIME! and she’s just precious…..

Nic’s uncle Keith is an OG…. he’s rocking literally the 1st season Diamond Tee from I can’t think of how many years ago….. His best friend and best man was the co-founder/owner of Diamond Supply Co…. Greg Carol… I also like Keith, straight up, no filter, but a kind man

so for an early x-mas gift, Nic’s dad got her mom a kinect for their X-Box!
nic’s mom loves to zumba and dance and stuff…. so this was the perfect gift.

Nic’s cousin gettin her jerk on with the Dance Central game….
this kinect shit was a hit with the fam and thank god because it took away from the magic mic!

so me and Nic had to head out because we were hosting an event for Anthony aka Mr. Tonic in SF…. at NV…. it was another toy drive and also a few bucks for us

it was cold as shit in SF! but still a good crowd came out to party….

we got our bottles and drank a little bit and walked around and mingled with the good folks of the yay.
andrew ho was flicking shots like it was the prom on some “make it last forever” type steez lol.

one of Nic’s friends, Brandy who is also a lollime model was in town, so she showed up

now even though he has not come out of the closet yet, I have to show love to anthony because at the end of the day, he’s serious about his business and he makes his bread and doesn’t fuck it off. I like his motivation to be successful and he definitely has the best 18+ clubs in the bay and also a very good 21+ asian club buzz goin for the past 5 years or so.

it was definitely TEEE SHIRT TIMEEEEE!

so we shook around 1:50am…..
headed back to the east bay and
I heard the *ding* sound which doesn’t come on in a BMW until you get around 37 degree weather or less!
I pulled over later and it said 38, then 39….

bottom line shit was cold!

got back to the hotel and I was OUT!

Friday – Christmas Eve

wake up feelin pretty good.
I was surprised the bed was actually comfy and I have no work on my mind after a real hectic ass week/month, shit past 2 months have been pretty crazy busy and now my cousins are at the store dealing with hell while I’m bout to get it in with some filipino food and a lotta chillin! lol

there were only 16 guests staying in our hotel so the place was empty!
but we were right directly across the street from the Stoneridge Mall.

too bad I didn’t bring any swim trunks…. shit, the pool was pretty nice and clean and heated!

the only car in the parking lot of the hotel was mine as you can see, but right across the hotel parking lot you can see the mall parking lot was crazy fucking packed. and it was 9:41am; it was also the last day for shopping for the last minute peeps…. so we decided to also kill some time and hit the mall because her family was having a christmas game called “White Elephant” which is sorta like a secret santa where you buy a gift of $25 – $40.

the mall wasn’t so bad… what was funny was that I was waiting to hear back from Gabrielle about what Dwyane Wade thought of his gift and then I remembered… HOLY SHIT! this exact mall and area is Gabby’s old stomping grounds! damn… like 20 years ago and it was like 2 blocks long! that’s it! haha…. a lot has changed and developed since then…. I bbm’d Gabby that I was at the Stoneridge mall…. she said “scary lol”

tried to get these ill ass shoes that i’d never seen before and I won’t say where until I actually get them! but they were sold out! anyways…. we got a gift basket for the fam…. I got some mrs. fields cookies and that was my dessert to our Cheesecake Factory lunch

so we head back to our hotel and as I park, I see this on top of my car I see this…

wtf? a green ladybug?

does that mean extra good luck? or was the lady bug dressed up for the holidays?
anyways, got on my decent man outfit…. (kr3w K-Slim grey denim….. burberry cashmere sweater, red crooks kicks…. BOOYAH!) and headed over to Nic’s family for the x-mas festivities!

we get there and her brother is taking pics of the 12 dogs in attendance! YES 12 DOGS! crazy….


that wasn’t even all of them, because Nic’s bro couldn’t get them hyper asses to all stay in one place!

anyways…. everyone is doing something in the crib and the energy is warm and festive…

I haven’t had a tree in my crib or my past crib… been like 10 years at least since I had one…. they def get hyped up on christmas eve and at midnight it’s on!

while dinner and desserts were being made…
Nic’s mom had to show these youngins how to dance! haha

thank god, because I didn’t want them to break out the magic mic!

like I said…. for dinner even though I didn’t take pics because it would probably be rude and they would think I was crazy…. but more importantly; I got it IN…. so I didn’t have time to take pics…

here’s what I did take


we ate filipino baked chicken, prime rib, white cheese and macaroni… and a ton of other shit…. Nic has 2 aunts who are certified chefs… but nic’s mom is a boss in the kitchen with the cooking…. and her cousins can bake, so it was on on ON… her aunt’s home who hosted the family event owns an Edible Arrangements so it was just get right everyday type steez at their home!

anyways…. after we ate, we kicked it

me and Nic chillin with Harley

and then midnight came around and that game they play White Elephant started…. older folks gettin jacked by the younger adults and some of the gifts were dope! some were not so cool lool

we got a candle set, so I wasn’t so mad… but someone got a salt shaker or something like that lol. man!

and then after every couple, the kids and loved ones all gathered with each other and opened up their gifts…. I told nic to get me NOTHING as I told everyone else… but she got me a AirPort Extreme and a very cool tshirt that I love lol…. I’ll post pics later (but it’s the Monopoly character and he’s got his pockets like rabbit ears and it says in Monopoly font underneath him “BROKE” lol-awesome)

She told me to get her nothing as I got her a Roley for her wrist a while ago….. and so she thought she was getting something from south coast plaza lol…. NOT


she got all the ill bags from Balenciaga to obviously Chanel, hermes and rare collab LV bags… but she didn’t have the OG KING of Luxury Travel Bags…. Goyard
everytime I walk into their store in SF, I feel broke and I don’t feel that way in a Lambo Dealership EVER

she flipped and was happy and more importantly, I had a great Nov-Dec…. so it’s all good!

oh! just before all of this was happening… Dwyane Wade tweeted me and shouted me out on his twitter (I showed y’all this on his blog entry)

we chilled at the crib til like 2 or almost 3am and then headed back to the hotel and passed out


woke up and it was cold as ice outside

as you can see… the mall was deader than dead and yep…. my car was still the only one in the parking lot

we got up lightweight early considering we went to bed so late… but Nic’s family has a traditional christmas day breakfast at the house and all of her family(well the men) are big time Lakers fans… so we headed over there to get it in….

now I’ve had good breakfasts before… the eggs, toast, omelets, bacon, blah blah…. but never had a filipino breakfast before!
we had Longanisa (filipino/spanish sausage) and fried egg and garlic rice and I ATE LIKE 13 OF THEM THANGS! jesus…. I was burping all day long too…. shit put me into a severe food coma

I was getting texts from my goddaughters and nieces fam… showing me how much they liked their gifts!


I got my niece Abbie…. a 3 foot tall Hello Kitty… it was maybe the biggest hello kitty made for sale on earth lol… she can have that thing until she’s well into her teens…
shout out to my cousin Steve… just had his son born. CONGRATS FAM! I LOVE YOU AND GOT YOU FOREVER!

meanwhile most of the family were in the living room watching the Orlando/Boston game and then the Knicks game and then when the Lake Show came on it was ON! We went to the store to get some snacks and beer and wine and all the above….


even Nic’s dog has a Kobe jersey #LAKESHOW BABY!

and then it got kinda quiet in the house because the punk ass lakers couldn’t score a point smh….
I was so disgusted I passed out for like 2-3 hours

woke up and I smelled something great…
it was Salpicao (another delicious filipino dish…. man… and MORE GARLIC RICE!)
I fucked around and went to sleep again for like 45min! smh

then all Nic’s cousins who were still around and myself went down to the Hacienda Regal theaters to go see Little Fockers….
man this movie theater reminded me of 1987 and mixed with a 2010 Orange County theater


who still has arcade games in their movie theaters? I mean like this many? shitttt my kinda theater.
so we saw the movie, Little Fockers was good, not great; exact same formula…. but it was good to hang with Nic’s fam….

we cut out and got back to the telly and ordered some room service… ICE CREAM SUNDAE! YEEEE!!!


woke up and prayed for nice weather!
the whole week we saw that it was gonna only rain on Sunday and I had a lotta work to do on Monday so I wanted to really head out on monday and my hotel reservations were only until Sunday…..
looked outside the window and it was money! BANG!

we checked out the hotel and headed over to San Mateo to her Uncles house for MORE FOOD! and to chill out before we shook back to LA….


it’s been at least 15 years since I drove over this bridge…. man… thats just another thing I miss about the Bay… the bridges! I used to get silly on the hayward and san mateo bridge back in the 90’s on my bike…. bay bridge not so much, but I remember doin some lightweight racing over the bay bridge back in 91 or so….

we get to her uncles house and watched some football… more filipino food, more bonding and kickin it with fam… but we didn’t stay long… headed to the nearest gas station to fill up and check the tire pressure and was OUT! we got home in like 5 hours, wasn’t so bad….

Nic drove 1/2 way and I was so glad to be home and a lotta good happened this week…. so I’m blessed and I thank everyone I love and loves me for such an amazing year.
early this week… I finally got the 3D tv’s put up on the wall and honestly, it’s such an under-rated experience… man… I mean Nic hates TV and she loves watching TV now in the bedroom…. I also put up the older plasma on the wall in the guest bedroom and installed a cable tv card into the flat screen so the homey’s can chill out in their own room and watch whatever they want!


got some dope ass fresh designer table lamps yesterday and I got a new SICK designer coffee table coming this week and I just need to remix my kitchen and then the guest bathroom and then I’ll be sane in my crib for another year or 2… maybe lol

Don’t ask me how the hell I remembered all of this a week later, but damn! I’m sure there are more pics too, but you know the drill…. some things need to be kept private out of respect!

much love


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