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So we launched the site officially earlier tonight. I’m so amped and excited to finally have our website finally up and running which now I can update and keep all my customers/fans/haters and lurkers with pics. Thank you again EMIL @ EMSAR DESIGN for making this what it is! I will be updating the “as seen on”, “media” and “custom jewelry” sections often (I have over 500 more pics to upload easy!) be patient, peep the site often… we will eventually also have a merchant site up so you can order custom jewelry directly from IF and Co.

So anyways, to celebrate I decided to goto koreatown with some homey’s and cop my favorite Korean candy… Anytimes! Don’t trip Ahmad, I got you covered! (VIP turned me onto these candies and I’ve been addicted and got literally 13 people on the hunt for these teal blue bags) This is my homey Eunice holding up a few bags. Lol. The Korean lady at the supermarket always thinks I’m crazy because I always clean out their entire inventory… BUT, They’re right! I am crazy. I’m taking my 730 exam soon to make it official. jk

So after that, dinner at La Scala; my favorite place to get Spaghetti Bolognese and then to a movie… we went to see Body of Lies and honestly, I shouldn’t have puffed that swisher before walking into the movie… it was way too serious and too political and espionage ish for my highness. So my review won’t be so good. but I will tell you what is good… This video of my boys, KIDZ IN THE HALL new single “LOVE HANGOVER” featuring Estelle. I love these guys, I want them to blow like nitro…. much love to my boy Ahmad Amilli(actually fuck you Ahmad and your punk ass bitch ass Phillies!) and Dan. and shout out to my OG OG homey Dru Ha and Duckdown records. btw, I got a little 2 or 3 scene cameo in the video

oh yeh.. PS.
I forgot to mention.. I ran into a friend at the grove before walking into the movie… well he’s also a very well known R&B pop star singer and he had on a Iced Out Casio G-Shock done by some jeweler in NYC and I love it when I see dudes bite our steez and try to freak it a little bit but do a B almost B+ job. You gotta come with that A++ when you fuckin with Icee Fresh. Our G-Shocks are destroying fools period. We did the Frogmans over a year ago. Y’all still icing out 6900’s. cmon.

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