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We have been blessed to be so busy during this time and when I went into work 2day, I closed a lot of deals and 1 nice deal with someone from London…. but there is so much work and ordering that I’ve missed that I had to catch up. there’s still 14 pieces I missed out on and watches, etc that I didn’t get chance to flick… but you know how I do with the ghetto point and shoot…. this is what we’ve been up to:

my homey DJ Skee rolled through to pick up his new Super Avenger with a 9 carat channel set bezel… Skee always been fam and a client at the same time.

Yoshi Piece (14k gold, 120 grams total, 12 carats total diamond weight)

Lion’s Head made for NestaBrand…. (14k gold, 120 grams)

bulldog for TRAQ, fully 3-D and I shoulda took more angled pics, but batt died!
it’s a crazy piece though.

this indian piece is crazy, it’s just under 100 grams of 14k gold, but there’s 1800 diamonds in this piece! 12 carats total diamond weight (my camera didn’t do this justice) I remember when we were cutting this mold and it was crazy as is!

we made this inside 3 days in the shop

remember that 15 carat yellow gold casio 6900 G-Shock? well….

we had to make another joint… but all white on white!
love that big bezel!

and we’re laser tagging everything so you know you’re getting the full maximum capacity official casio g-shock, not the imitator version… if it don’t have “IF” tattoo’d on it, then it’s not OG.

thanks for looking, appreciate everyone who has supported us and continues to support us.
we make anything jewelry related, we won’t fill your piece up with brass to make it heavier, we won’t take forever to make your piece, we won’t use alloy or white sapphires to pass off as genuine gold or diamonds. we’re Icee Fresh aka IF & Co.

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