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taking my life to the next level, the right way….
I never been in a rush before really to actually get married… I’ve liked the idea, but not when I was being pressured or blackmailed…. I’ve never tripped on my age ever. I just love that I got a lot of experience and knowledge under my belt….

since I really haven’t broken down stats here…. let’s do that now
I guess dating a crazy bitch who lied, lost in court many times, had severe drug problems, lost many other things… but wait. really how do you lose when you don’t have shit? I mean, that could be the 1st time I dated anyone who went truly negative notches down in life…. like they didn’t come up, they came down smh. lol

so now.

met a girl through a friend….. I wasn’t looking.
was single for around 5-6 months before I even went on a date…
1st date I was sorta apprehensive and had a little ruffle on my shoulder…. understandable after what I put myself in….
2nd and 3rd to many more…. just got better and better, in fact, ever since I met Nicolette, my business even went up and increased each month continuously! Also; in over a year, I have gone less than 10 days without my seeing my girlfriend. and I knew quick this girl was the best I’ve ever met, a great one, one you don’t let slip away. THE ONE YOU HAVE TO FIGHT FOR!

last serious relationship I was in was in 2002 to 2005 to a girl and it didn’t work out and there is no bad blood at all and since then I haven’t had a “girlfriend” and then in 2009, I made the big mistake of letting someone pull an okie doke on me, so I obviously tried to make the best of it…. all that drama I went through 2 years ago and all that bullshit brought me into truly better things. hence the best year of my life to date…..

now? I have done a 3 year relationship inside 14 months(where as others sidestep and bullshit and like wallowing in the meyer, when you reach 30, you cut the bullshit out and get to know another person a lot faster and understand things clearer obviously) and this time I held nothing back once I knew she was that special to me….. so after 1 year as my girlfriend… I put a ring on it.

so peeps think there are obvious reasons….


believe it or not… on my dead pops, those 3 pics have absolutely NO photoshopping on the body, the 1st 2 have photoshopping on the background only, but those are still raw images…. (since your salty dusty super bird ass wants to keep crying smh, naw, no fake extra cake face, get over it and move on with your miserable dead beat mom self please)
those pics lead to a cover of a magazine. that was 2007
now let’s get some facts straight…. my girlfriend has signed pictures at 4 car shows in her life. She’s been on 8 magazine COVERS internationally and technically is NOT an import model. she has never ever go-go danced in her life….. she’s a FIDM graduate and she owns her own bikini line and best of yet, her parents are together and her family is from a very prominent family in the philippines…. who reside in Forbes park which is in Makati. If you are from the PI, then you will know her family’s name holds up very high in government and the society there. those are facts! no fabrication…. she has never ever had any plastic surgery done ever and she never cakes on any makeup….. and I passed judgement early because when I met her… I assumed a lotta crazy shit and thought she was a typical OC girl. funny thing is she’s never lived in the OC or frequents there. she was actually my neighbor in beverly hills and I never knew it…. she’s been a vegetarian since 2002 (pescatarian to be specific)…. another thing I love is that she’s so worldly and not close minded…. she lived back and forth from LA to London for 2 years, so she’s international

so some other pics….

absolutely no make up…. Nic in Mykonos, Greece…

me and Nic at her bday at Cecconi’s last April

me and Nic at her bikini fashion show last April in Hollywood….

so for obvious reasons or superficial shit? yeah, I can see some saying it’s eye candy or whatever… SLAP! that’s a negative

she’s a gold digger? eh…. she been in new european whips way before I met her and always had her own cool shit…. i.e. she’s bought all her Louboutins…. fact is she bought the Murakami for our place and many other things….. so SLAP! eh eh, NOPE! you’re wrong there

what else then?
brains – check
college degree – check
good family – check
job -check (owns her own business)
cooks – check
cleans – check

lastly, my family loves her to death and my mom has met so few women in my lifetime and she is the only one she has ever approved of….. I’m very excited and very amped for this tentatively set date of mid/late Sept of this year.

I went classy and respectful and that is all….
3 carat Princess Cut center stone, VVS1, E color and inside a 1 of 1 bezel setting with all micro-pave! all melee diamonds are IF(Internally Flawless) D color…18k white gold…. yeah
it took a long time for me to design the ring and I feel it’s perfect for her.

what else can I say?
why even break all this down? because why not? fuck it… but I definitely did NOT write this to shit on others and also didn’t do it to break hearts? If that happens and those in my past are salty, that’s sad. I’m sorry if I never truly gave a fuck, or was a bad boyfriend…. but I paid my dues…. I’m pushing along as anyone should…. I’m cool with most of my ex’s. but they’re in the past for a reason as I am to them…. I may not have been the right guy for them and I agree with that…. I just know what I want and that I’m happy now.
my future is flawless. the only thing in my way is me or my ego. It’s only got better and better

I’ve kept a lot of my real personal life private, but I think you can tell that I’ve been less bitter and more peaceful lol…. I hope you respect my privacy and know that my personal facebook is where I share most of the things with my family and close friends…. you can’t add me on there because I have a few thousand requests on purpose so that I don’t have lurkers or whatever prying into my business. I share a lot here, but not everything is for everyone.

much love.
your boy KT is on clouds…. FUCK WITH ME FENDI!!!!!!!

I feel sorry,
I really do for those who want other peoples lives or can’t accept who they are. remember nobody is perfect, no human is divine…. just live your life. Don’t make yourself miserable.

I got a lotta updates to blog about later.
lotta crazy shit!

I’m hyped!

p.s. funny and sad thing is that this post really wasn’t for anyone….. I waited to post it on here, but I thought why not the dagger to your weak posts. I don’t even bring up personal love life things on here, but I didn’t want Nic to feel like she wasn’t being shown any shine on my blog. but the wedding won’t be on here.

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