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when I got my 1st job at Priority Records, the CEO there Bryan Turner gave me a pep talk about dealing with “artists” (fyi, we’re talking the guy that brought you NWA, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Master P, etc. aka Pioneers of Gangsta Rap aka HISTORY) and he told me something that really stuck. “nobody ever remembers the good things you did for them, not the checks you cut, not the dinners or champagne, but they will always remember the bad things that happened; deal with that”

for the most part, that was pretty true to verse. I have been in thousands of situations and done a lot of good for a lot of peeps, not just “artists”(i’m not a saint or in anyways saying I’m a great man) but most of them would tell me about the times I fucked up and really, the good overshadowed the bad by 80/20 easily…… I realized that only my family would love me unconditionally

later in life, circa 2004… I’m 31 and I’m just becoming a man; yes, I didn’t grow up in many ways mentally until I hit 31. I think nowadays, most kids I meet aren’t even capable of having a grown man talk until 30 or even later……
anyways, I had a talk with someone significant in my life and I was arguing about money and where I was in the world and that I wanted more possessions and that I was sad about certain things and simply, but powerfully this person said. “Ben, you gotta look at the glass being half full” “always remember, the glass is half full” and I have heard this before a few times and it never stuck until a month later when I didn’t really speak to that person again….. so I don’t need to break it down, but visually check out what that means and I promise, for some of you, that will help you out in life. it has helped me drastically. I always hated looking at simple things like, my favorite kobe steak being almost done, instead of being like, damn I’m so lucky to be eating and getting this chance to eat here….. of course on the other end, there are those who demand more in life than steak, but trust me, I’m just speaking on the most minimal way this affected me…..

I remember later that year, I got my first ferrari and I was like, this is the end all of all my problems, I got a rari…. I’m gonna hit the streets… and yeh, after a few months, the shit got soooooo old. I mean, it was cool for myspace, but inside, whether I had depth in knowledge, I was empty inside….. most peeps are like shit, I got $250,000, I’m gonna cop a lambo or ferrari…. okay, how much will insurance cost? over years and years? how much is an oil change? ($1,200) how much is service and maintenance???? never thought about that, so I worked out things fortunately and finally got rid of that car in 2006 and didn’t take a real loss…. but I learned that that car didn’t mean shit to me really but a few good rides and a lot of looks from those who really didn’t matter to me. my dream car became a car I liked….. just because you have $250,000 in cash, doesn’t mean you can afford a $250,000 car. Never buy a car as an investment…. if you got it, then you “got it”

what I mean about the above paragraph is that I had so many cats who were hustling and struggling always telling me, “shit dog, we ain’t guaranteed tomorrow homey, we on these streets…. matter of fact, we ain’t even guaranteed tonight! so let’s get our stunt on and live life!”
yeh, that’s cool. I understand and I know how to live life, but I now demand more in life, I still live my life, but I also live for tomorrow and with that said, my lifestyle has changed. I’m not a leopard(metaphor). So with a lifestyle change and some adjustments, I can now worry about “tomorrow” and save some for my loved ones… save some for later. the glass is half full right now and I just lost one of the most important things in my life and I fucked around and forgot what that person meant to me…. so I can’t keep doing the same.

people say “don’t change” naw….. I say “don’t change everything”

I never thought I’d say this, but I totally understand that, these little things don’t mean much later in life if you don’t have love in your life. good friends, all that. If you never had love, you may not understand, for those who do, you may take it for granted….. for those who never had a ferrari or bentley, that might be so far fetched…. then for someone like me who worked my brain and body off to get one and realize, yes it’s cool, but that shit won’t change me…. and I’m not saying i’ll go to a lesser car even though I did get a prius, I’m saying, I understand the difference between automobiles, but I don’t really care too much to let those cars run my life….. not even jewelry… I’m just concerned on stacking and less trapping….. you don’t have to be humble, it’s kinda hard to be humble and push a $100,000+ whip. Just be more conscious.

if I was on course to live the same lifestyle I did from 2006 – 2008, I would be dead broke right now… in fact, most NBA players would be broke right now. BUT i’m good for a while if I ever decided to not do shit…. so now, I still work, but I chill a lot more…. remember, there’s a lot of rich as fuck folks out there in condos…. and a lot of not that rich folks in mansions or big homes….. with gold passing $1,700 I’m kicking myself for not putting everything I had or at least 90% of my worth in gold…. but it’s still all good.

now on the flip side, I sell luxury custom jewelry and I’m not saying not to buy jewelry…. I still buy nice things that I like for me or Nic or my fam, I’m saying, no need to cop the state of Cali…. you can still have your jesus piece

I hope this blog entry can help at least a couple people.

have a great day

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