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Friday wasn’t so bad, went and finished off some nice pieces.
1 for my boy Millz in Florida….
he went fully dumb, all white on white, heavy, solid and just ICEE


now Millz is 1 of my top 5 pickiest customers on earth, he’s almost as bad as me with the OCD, but the thing is, I can eventually learn to live with it, but he sells his shit once he sees something wrong with his jewels…. he needs to sell himself! jk Millz, much love, thanks for the biz again.
I heard you were out in Orlando, shining on cats, female ones lol

So the homey Apolo copped a nice gold custom made chain link for one of his teammates on his Olympic Skate team who is a Korean guy by the name of Simon Cho.
Simon saw this chain we made a longggg time on Drakes neck.
from then on, he sent me this picture….

now who makes a necklace off a picture like that?
of course we do….

the thing is, that necklace style/design was popular around 10 years ago…. most chains that have been sitting since then are gone. actually ALL chains that are even a few years old have been melted unless they’re cubans or francos pretty much. I wish there were a lot more herringbones or figaros and cool old school links around….
anyways, I look and my cousin finds it in the silver section of our OLD OG collection of chains….

so he wanted it to be made exactly to the pic he sent, but more importantly, I already knew the chain obviously….. we made it in 14k yellow gold and 30″ long and 5mm thick and semi-solid


the end result? EXECUTION!
130 grams and a nice unique OG link…..

thanks AAO, enjoy Simon!

after watching the NBA playoffs…. me and Nic went and saw Water for Elephants and for a chick flick, it was not bad, but it was more of a feel good movie, more to me about a guy who was passionate about animals and also passionate about some pussy lol

speaking of NBA, I was browsing through some party pics after we got home and seen Dwyane Wade rocking my chain

still don’t think Miami can see Boston in a best of 7 and to be really honest, Philly is garbage. Chicago might not get a chance to see them either, we’ll see.

that was it for friday night, had a big photoshoot for the Lollime lookbook at the Diamond Supply Co. Boutique on the block! in the morning….
We were supposed to shoot at a house in the hills and outdoors looking over the city, but it was really gloomy and ugly out and it was cold, so Nic didn’t want to have girls in bikini’s in 62 degree weather, so we used Diamond Supply…..
we got there at 10:30am before the store was opened and set up a small area for the shoot and a few areas to set up hair/makeup and also wardrobe… there were around 14 bikini changes throughout the day. the shoot came out amazing thanks to Art’s amazing eye and camera skills…. he brought a shitload of equipment and I gotta say thank you Art and thank you Nick Diamond for letting us use the store! Much love to Yousef, John and Sagan who work at Diamond for helping me out. I got the boys some lunch at Golden State and it was the 1st time I had a burger in 3 weeks since I’ve been watching what I eat and I’m limited to 64oz of soda a week smh…..


you like my behind the scenes working picture? lol, Art took that pic

and now for some Instagram shots….


we also watched the NBA playoffs and the store was pretty damn busy during a few times of the shoot and it didn’t affect the store’s business which is great and it actually brought in business! you see 2 Hot 5′ 10″ tall chicks(they were 6′ 3″ in heels!) in bikini’s… you sorta stop and want to walk in.

what sucked is that it did get warmer around 1pm, like in the low 70’s…. but this worked out really cool. don’t trip on my shitty pics. most of my pics were just for blogging and instagram.

I was so damn tired because I couldn’t sleep the night prior and woke up sorta early getting ready…. when I got home and Art got home, I passed out and woke up like at 9pm smh
we hit the grove to get some food and because Art had never been there before….

then we went back home and blazed like jamaicans and watched a terrible movie…
blazed again and passed the fuck out

woke up Sunday and took engagement pics….
Art’s work is really amazing and I can’t wait to show these pics he took. mannnnn
if you want to see his work, he bought ad space on my page next to the Platinum Motorsport banner (that’s Nic’s bikini and one of her models) go to

after that, we hit sunset plaza and had brunch at Le Petit Four….
then I watched some basketball and then headed over to Nic’s parents house to watch the Lakers game with her pops and eat some Filipino BBQ….

let’s not talk about what happened last night. I was so fucking mad…. because we don’t care, we aren’t hungry like we used to be…. I know Phil wants his 3 peat too.

aite y’all.
I gotta take my be@rbrick boxes (a shit load of them! all together it’s 38 boxes and 3 kaws 4 ft boxes which are actually 5 feet tall into storage today, what a fucking drag!)
and now speaking of Kaws and Toys….


everyone have a great day


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