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there was still a lot of jewelry being made, repaired and sold… I only had the store shut down for a day. but London and all my nieces and nephews gotta eat. having a good team is mandatory.

so I gotta thank all my friends for the wonderful gift boxes and all. sorry, but I really only accept certain clothes from certain brands or people. I keep it all in the circle of fam on purpose. Diamond blew the fuck up 2 years ago. to next levels and it’s not even beginning to stop. BUT I was down with my dude Nick in 2000. 2 years after he started the company…. anyways. I will always support him and my KR3W, but I want to give an informal announcement that, I will be starting my own line soon. I just got funding and have a few designs ready to go to launch fully by this time next year, but in the meanwhile, I will drop some tees and hats and fleece that will definitely rock your world… this is like legitimately 8 years in the making but finally with London now being born, I’m gonna venture into something new and it will definitely be profitable. More details later.

with that said…. I’m releasing an official collab t-shirt and hoody exclusively at JUGRNAUT in chicago. I like what they stand for and I fuck with Chicago heavy if you didn’t already know… shout out to my boy Fats for making the link. I am releasing a Jesus Piece tee in 4 colorways and 3 animal print hoodies that are fucking OUTTA HERE! I’m making a couple hundred of each style and everyone is mad at me for not running 25,000 of each (no joke, I could have done this collab with Diamond and ran over 100k of these)

here’s a sneak peak of the Jesus Piece tees:
“From the Polo Fleece to the Jesus Piece” white tee with white gold, white diamond jesus, white tee with yellow gold, white diamond jesus, black tee with yellow gold, white diamond jesus and lastly…. navy tee with rose gold, white diamond jesus piece


note: those are just sample pics, they will not be on AAA tees, very similar, but different tags and cleaner. the graphic is very high res
the hoodies will be also a JUGRNAUT x Ben Baller exclusive collab piece. there will be a royal joint, a red with cheetah print and black with zebra print joint and them shits are crazy!!!! I’ll post pics soon. maybe in my weekend wrap!

now back to my boys over at Diamond… much love for the early Spring 2013 samples…


the “SEX, DRUGS AND RAP” is going to be HUGE! also, the fall 2 just dropped I think…

I don’t know if this twill Varsity jacket is available, but it’s dope AF

now more about my boy Nick over at Diamond…
he’s always wanted a custom diamond piece, but never knew what to get… Dillon already killed the game with the unpolo piece, so he came with something else that was original and made a diamond supply co. all iced out “Cutty” piece (their character/mascot)


we used ice blue diamonds, red rubies, green diamonds and of course black & white diamonds…. all set in 14k gold and it’s solid. nice piece, he got a 5mm solid 14k miami cuban link to hold that bitch up too! thanks Nick, much love #diamondlife shout out to my boy Russ aka SSUR who is kinda killin the game too… he created that “comme des fuck down” and now this upside down rolex crown is shittin…. much love bro


wednesday night was VMA pre party night and my boys over at Crooks and Drake and OVO were throwing a party at Lure, too bad I couldn’t go and honestly, I didn’t want to. I just wasn’t feeling it…. there was also an event at Bagatelle for GOOD music and Moet Chandon which I fuck with just as heavy and was much more mellow… #roselounge and they were pouring that nectar imperial rose’ all night! it was also a dinner… but I couldn’t get myself to leave the house and chill with my 2 week old son. I rather watch him count sheep or cry and look at his face all night long…. but the good folks over at team epiphany and moet sent over a nice care package

they also did a collab with Mosley Tribes for some frames with rose’ lenses. pretty fresh…. shout out to John Coltrane and my fam over at epiphany!
also shout out to ben and bobby over at the hundreds for the Nerf Turbo football

so now, let’s get back to my money makers… the medium to lower priced ice that is subtle but gets the fucking job done!!!!

we made yet another micro sized cross that is unisex. I rock these every day now and your girl could to and it won’t hurt your pocket, but these cost more than several pairs of jordans, so don’t think shit is sweet and super easy to attain. it’s still real gold and genuine diamonds we’re talking about here:

check them out….


I took pics next to a Micro size Jesus piece to give you a better idea of the size and thats the partially iced out micro jesus piece. I will be starting a HUGE sale price on the micro Jesus pieces starting November 22nd


another angle…. the cross is 1.5 carats and has legit VS diamonds on it.
its perfect.

now if you remember when I posted that yellow gold medium prong cross that was kinda diesel actually…. well we made an all white on white version

boom! 5 carats, prong set

now next to the micro cross to show spec so we’re back, but never left… jewelry, clothes… what else do you want? of course I’ll probably post more food after the weekend. have a safe one. I’ll probably have another bbq.

everyone take it easy.


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