what we do in our sleep…. all repeat customers! thank you!

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literally, there were a lot of things we made during my time of mourning…. actually our time.
I left the store for a couple weeks and still won’t be back til next week maybe.

anyways, I didn’t get to take pics of everything due to the circumstances as I’m sure most of you understand…

but we made some clean simple things for a few return clients.

a previous client Tyler from Canada wanted to get his Class Ring fully flooded out and replaced with an emerald on top and make the ring an eternity ring….
well we remix’d the shit out of it!
thank Tyler for the pics, since I couldn’t take any


we gave Tyler true “VS” diamonds, not the VS stones that in actuality are I clarity….

enjoy Tyler, thank you and let’s do it again


next up is a client of mine from Texas and I love that he has been through all the jewelry stores that cater to HIP HOP clients…. I’ve been seeing people say, I make rapper’s jewelry…. NO I MAKE CELEBRITIES JEWELRY… OKAY? I.E. MICHAEL JACKSON = CELEBRITY….. DOROUGH = RAPPER

so anyways, his anniversary with his wife was last weekend and we had a deadline and we needed to make her an official new wedding band with all VS F colored stones and make it thicker than the average ones you would see on a woman… only thing is she’s an olympic champion like my boy Apolo….. so he didn’t want to cop her some small shit… they walked into Tiffany and Co and saw the quality for price and then saw our quality overall which was stepped up a level easy and the price was less than 1/2 with a much better ring and heavier overall (diamond weight, gold weight)

congrats Marcus, I’m glad she loved it….


shit was really tight on me… but it fit… but damn… maybe I might switch up and make myself a pinky ring eternity style like this? hmmm

thanks again Mr Myers.


next up is the pickiest son of a bitch residing in the tri-state area…..
I’m very proud that he has 3,123 of rare Air Force I’s and that he has copped a decent amount of jewelry from us… but jesus…. I truly made enough profit on this piece to buy myself a 6 pack of canada dry gingler ale in the 10oz glass bottles + some kettle chips after shipping and everything…
YOU NEED TO COP YOUR JEWELS ON 47TH THEN GOD DAMNIT! ask them cats with the tassles and big hats if they got this work! haha
much love MAYOR you bastard! you owe me
thank you for your repeated business


*if you look at these tags at a certain angle… they’re so flooded that they look like white gold from the front, since we stuffed 500 diamonds total onto them! mayor sent me his official logo so I could laser the backs with a custom plate…. so they were more custom and unique because he’s a difficult jerk.

please believe we stamp “IF” on everything that leaves the store from now on because it’s necessary and our customers want that to show off that WE DID THAT!
and even though gold shot up $150 over the last 2 weeks… shits near $1,400 an OZ!
mayor doesn’t play that southern bullshit 8k or 10k gold… he has to have it 14k regardless of the cost

f.y.i. all the jewels in this post are 14k, not that alloy mixed with brass and some gold and then heavy rhodium’d smh


I got a beautiful, I mean beautiful vintage Rolex 18k yellow gold diamond day date president for sale… it’s in great condition! I have all the official papers and even the receipt, etc….
I’ll post pics later…. a piece for a true collector and all legit, from the diamond bezel to the diamond dial… all factory rolex

everyone have a great friday/weekend….
gonna go see some movies, etc, etc…


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