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What I don’t know could fill thousands of libraries across the world….
Most of my success came from listening to others who spread knowledge. I love to share any knowledge I have with my friends and the best part about it is that they take it in. I used to not listen to my mentors growing up and honestly, the other part of my success was the many times I failed, BUT from the many mistakes I made and many losses I had, I turned those around into triumphs. I know that I can be a Mr. “know it all” a lot of the time, but I only do it because I hate to see people make the exact mistakes I did. So I try to lead them down a certain path If I think It will help.

Almost all my motivation and strength in my life has come from either my mother or my elders…. BUT recently my motivation has come from a younger person. A person who since I met has got me on a better diet, exercising in the gym(it took over 10 years of trying from my best of friends and professional trainers and I refused) and best of all this person makes me want to be a better man overall. My other friends have noticed and said to me that I’m much nicer these days(hmm?). If I can be better person today, then I was yesterday and a better person this week then I was last week, then I’m doing better then well! well god bless you and everyone who has brought positivity to my life.

a nice quote I read today:
“You attract people by the qualities you display.
You keep them by the qualities you possess”

so today, I put in work @ the gym, closed a deal, went to the dentist(sucked!) then went to my store and peeped out some new rosary chains we made. the center one is fully, FULLY iced out! 50 carats total diamond weight! and its heavy too.

btw, we’re(I.F. & Co) not going anywhere…. so hang out for a while

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