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BTW, since this is an IFandCo domain addy….. we got in new pouches with our logo embossed on them…. something we’re only 4 years late on huh? good lookin out again 57even for the logo! keep killin it! these nice micro-suede pouches come in 4 different sizes and for my customers who purchase things from us that would need a pouch will get one sent with your item….

and now on to the next one….

So friday night I got it in and got fresh to head down to the Super Street Fighter “fight club” consumer event to meet up with some cats who are heavy over at Capcom and to also meet one of the producers of the game himself Yoshi Nori Ono which was an honor as I grew up literally playing this when I was in college in the bay almost 20 years ago! So when I got there, I didn’t know what to expect, but already an hour before the doors were even open, there were around 600 people waiting outside to get in! This was the first time the public would get to play the game, the undefeated champion of street fighter from USA and Japan were in attendance and there was all you can eat free pizza and refreshments provided there. There were many stand alone PS3 players for people to play on and booths where you can get your face painted, a big screen I assume for the super super ill cats with major skills to battle on…. it was an honor to be invited to the event and be treated so well by the Capcom corp! thank you Emily! and all of Capcom and especially to my liason Marco for making this happen….

here’s some pics of the event.


I have a video too of how long the line is… it wrapped around like a amusement park line too, not just right angled up, it was fucking longggggg! I mean look hard, you’ll see and passed the buildings were another couple hundred in line on the street out of site.

The gift bags consisted of a couple exclusive super street fighter posters and 1 of 2 different colored tshirts…

for those who didn’t get a gift bag but have proof that you went to the event, hit me with a comment and I’ll send a lucky winner a gift bag


a few of these pics were taken before the event even started and we left around 15 minutes into the event and they were almost at capacity already…

the homey Marco!


last event for Super Street Fighter IV I missed out on meeting the producer/legend Yoshi, so this time I wanted to make sure to meet him and chat it up with him for a few… funny thing is his favorite character from the game is Blanka!!! which is obviously mine! so that’s awesome…. when he travels he takes his lucky Blanka action figure which he got in the philippines a while ago with him. crazy huh?

the supra cutler’s are so damn fly! UGGGGHHHH!

so off from the event, I had a special occasion to celebrate with my girl…. so we headed to a nice low key romantic restaurant in santa monica….. after dinner, we headed a little more south to the beach on Ocean Ave in Santa Monica to hit this dope boutique new remodeled hotel called the Shangri La. now I didn’t expect much because it wasn’t one of the main spots that I’ve seen on the Ocean Ave strip, but don’t sleep, this place is fly as hell and I’d love to hold down an event or party here if I get a chance to. the bar is on the rooftop and they pour the drinks heavy! I got 1 drink the entire time I was there because it was about equivalent to 3! had some convo with some friends and then shook out for a nice cruise….

Saturday was a beautiful day, so I took a drive obviously and chilled out for the day enjoying and continuing the celebrating a little bit, I copped 2 prime seats to go see Chicago the musical at the Pantages. I know it’s her favorite(she’s seen it 3x, 1nce here, 1nce in london, 1nce in paris… excuse’m moi! haha) and I haven’t seen it in many years and I liked the movie….. so we headed out to go see the show

as we were walking to the theater…. the view of Hollywood blvd has transformed so much in the last decade it’s crazy…. and the last time I was at the Pantages theater it’s been even more of a change in look


now there’s no photography inside the theater and 1 of the many ushers will walk up to you and trip, but not like they do when you’re in vegas at a show. and if how dare you have to go to the bathroom during a musical or anything to get up… it’s sooo rude (relax people, I know it’s tradition and good manners are a must, but damn some folks do get bubble guts smh lol) and it’s even way more hardcore/worse with the etiquette police when you’re actually on Broadway watching a show.


so fuck it, I took 2 pics of the ceiling and the hat that was on the chair on stage before the show started with my blackberry….
the show was great and after that headed over to Kate Mantalini’s for a late snack and then watched “you don’t know jack” about jack kevorkian with al pacino, but we fell asleep and didn’t get to finish it….

woke up sunday to watching some dexter and got up and out to an even more beautiful LA day…. hung out with my moms and family and went from koreatown to glendale to pasadena back to glendale…. walked around old town, around the americana and saw “DATE NIGHT” bottom line? this movie fucking sucked big rhinosaurus balls….. we walked out after around 40 minutes and couldn’t take it anymore, had a nice meal and I headed back to beverly hills to meet up with a homey at my pad….

After more than 20 years of holding on the last bit of my record collection (approx 20 crates) I realized that I’m not going to get the value of what I could have around 2004 (maybe $6000 at most?) and just gave up…. the space is annoying that it takes up. the sentimental value only stays with a few key pieces that I still kept and so I gave up the collection to a die hard record collector… it’s my homey Ben who I met a long time ago when he worked at Union LA on la brea and left for a while, then came back and now works at supreme…. he came through and got everything except about 2 crates and was very grateful. I didn’t have to do anything but chill out and watch TV. Much love and I hope you enjoy the vinyl bro! (*tears…..)


and with that said…. I HAVE TO GIVE A BIG REST IN PEACE SHOUT OUT TO DJ HIDEO…. If you guys remember one of my blog entries from September of last year, I did a benefit at the Highlands nightclub as my homey Hideo has been fighting cancer for a while now…. well he passed away this weekend and it sucks. YOU MEAN A LOT NOT ONLY TO YOUR FAMILY BUT TO THE HIP HOP COMMUNITY AND THE DJ’S IN L.A. WHO HAD NOTHING BUT SO MUCH RESPECT TO YOU…. I’ll be looking out for any info on your memorial services homey. god bless

it’s monday, get it in…. I’ll say it for the 10 thousandth time “MONEY DON’T SLEEP, SCARED MONEY DON’T MAKE NO MONEY….. BUT MONEY ISN’T EVERYTHING OR THE ONLY THING…” you need love in your life, whether it be a companion, friend, family or pet…. if you don’t got love, you’re missing out and lost. I appreciate those who grind.

see y’all later!

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