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so nothing exciting… surprise!
I just chill, work and then kick it some more….
my highlight of the week besides spending time with my love….
was shooting this Samsung Galaxy S2 campaign….

diamond life….. and shout out to Complex magazine!

My lil homey Apolo Ohno had a very exciting week though….. he was in NYC this past week and he shared some interesting stories and he sent me some cool pics from his trip there as he got to visit the new World Trade Center (FREEDOM TOWER)

Apolo was there with Michael Phelps doing some promo and exhibition shit out there…. so they got invited to the new tower and he said there was crazy super high security…. and got to see all the cool unknown features and new contractions and stuff.

a secret elevator….

there’s a subway restaurant on the 76th floor or something right in the middle of the tower…. the tower keeps getting taller and higher as they keep building. I think it’s supposed to be 112 floors when completed

Apolo left his tag on there….. and that’s sick!

so back to my boring weekend….

Friday, I worked, then hit up my clothing endorsements….
Diamond Supply…. Crooks….

I got some lunch with my boys Tony Tones and Arnold at the spot across the street from Diamond and I know their food is pretty good, but their burger couldn’t touch Golden States burger…

and I couldn’t finish it because it was much bigger…. and also much saltier

anyways…. got some essentials and I also got another gift… we’ll get to that in a minute

you know what really sucked about the weekend though?

it rained in LA and thank god I didn’t get a car wash…..

so now to that other gift from my boy who runs Beats…..


and who gets mad at a gift like this? NOBODY!

but you know what else I got? A gift from a bitch ass parking enforcement guy…. I still wasn’t mad. I got to park where I wanted to. I usually do. I just had to pay more this time to park there

Friday night. I met up with my manager Bo at the Grove….

everything was closed… so we hit Barnes and Nobles to look at magazines… I told him we’d have to go to a discreet newsstand if he wanted to look at gay mens mags, but he wouldn’t listen to me….

well you know what happened because Bieber and Selena fans badgered me until I posted the story….
one of Justin’s fans sent me this pic….

I don’t know how they got the pic…. but anyways; JB grilled up!

Selena tweeted this pic….

Sean rocking my diamond jesus & diamond franco he just copped

but I really was supposed to be on Stage with my brothers Far East Movement for the ISA show. I’m sick that I missed it, but I had important biz to handle and family > family > anything else…. even $$$

I do have some jewelry to show you…. lol
we’re still busy….
but we bought some watches on trade and a couple actually new and more importantly….


everything is cleannnnn!!!
you know what it is,

oh yeh….
I found my next car

I GOT 7 PRIUS’S OUTSIDE! I’M TIRED OF BEING HUMBLE! lol…. “I let him drop my top” smfh, I’m still laughing at that shit, even though he’s my dude…. both of them are my boys…. jesus


Sunday at Homicides crib is NFL spaz day… he got 5 flat screens

and he can show 8 NFL games at one time! #swag

for lunch, I really made the worst mistake of my life… I went to the legendary “Lucky Boy” and got myself a pastrami chili cheese burger and chili cheese fries…. FML


jesus…. thats over 4,000 calories and I had no pepcid AC or zantac in sight…. I felt so sick yesterday… and then after our Raider Nation couldn’t hold it together, I felt even sicker and I wanted to die

meanwhile…. was reminiscing over old pics of AMC shit and things….. I would love to put up this AMC blog, but again, where am I gonna host 1700 pics?


those are just 2 of the 4 pairs we had of Deftones Dunks…. shout out to Guy Oseary(fam) and our boy Chino from Deftones

so you wanna see an even iller throwback pic????

yeahhhhhh foooooooo!!!! lmao!
6th grade Homicide… with the Drake sweater swag

aite, back to work….

I’m not gonna be at my store all week… I’m only doing jewelry jobs by appt only. So if you want something wait til next week or make an appointment!


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