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we are still definitely all the way turned UP!
not stopping for anyone… like a tank!
my boy Homicide sent me this pic

lol…. I’m actually a fan of his work…. so if you know, you know
it makes it even that much more funny

but on the weekends, I try to really simmer shit down and relax and catch my breath. I went and saw Contraband this past Friday and that shit was money! just go see it, no synopsis….. I waited months for this to come out and it didn’t disappoint! we went and saw it early and then hit Robata for some baked crab hand rolls and a whole lotta other bombay eats

then we got home and ordered a movie I regret (won’t even say)

Saturday was Caturday… you’ll find out later
did you see that Denver vs. New England game? WOW! coulda been one of the best NFL playoff game I ever watched…. shit was like a madden video game. damn! I love how when all of the team(denver) were putting in work to get those wins, they gave only praise to Tebow…. so now that they got their asses kicked BAD. all the blame should be put on that clown.
ok enough….
lets peep some jewels….


my boy Rex upgraded his old black diamond tags to some super official thicker and icier black diamond dog tags….

now we’re bout to step up Rex’s yellow gold swag next.

I made my boy Jordan an ill eternity ring for christmas, but I couldn’t take pics because it was a rushed gift…. so when I made his band member and friend Justin a similar but different eternity ring I got to take pics of it finally…. these cats are Lords, but you wouldn’t ever see Frodo rocking something this icee!


we used them bright bright Green Money Green diamonds for his and set them onto a nice black gold band…. Jordan always has great taste with jewels… that middle finger I think was for Justin, not me

we rarely get to use rare precious gemstones outside diamonds…


we made a fully flooded smooth edged eternity ring/band with top notch deep blue sapphires word to Lorraine and set them into a high polished white gold……

this piece made for a local customer who didn’t take no short cuts!


I don’t know what the logo means, but it’s clean
we did that IFANDCO super tight pave’ and on a stud chain? not mad

now something that we made as a gift from one CEO to another CEO….


torey who is the founder/owner of Grizzly grip tape got a nice gift coming to him from Nick Diamond CEO/founder of Diamond Supply Co. and I have a feeling that we might be making a few more of these joints as their skate team LOVES ice! thanks nick for the job!

speaking of diamond…..

we made this for the fuck of it…. black gold with white diamonds

so back to Caturday….

we got all dressed up to get out for some dinner & drinks…..

Nic was all dressed up and I was lightweight dressed up…..
but this situation salted us out . . . smh

nothing worse than bottle cats in a fucking club!
especially at a 5 star restaurant!

sidebar: FUCK LOB CITY

but across town, my boys YG and DJ MUSTARD were out reppin!

that should give you an idea of how fucking big both those chains are
if you guys are in instagram, then you mighta seen Meek Mill get into a friendly battle/competition with a few other rappers and shit so I jumped in for fun lol…. that was the highlight of my night. def not the bottle cats

sunday…. I woke up and slept in…. then met up with my old friend Hiroshi who flew in from Japan on business and he used to own ESSENSE in yokohama….. we went over to Beverly Hills and got it in at il Pastaio because La Scala was closed and I was NOT mad


man their food is incredible! so much amazing food in a 2 block radius! from Mastros to Ebaldi and Wolfgang Pucks to Spagos and La Scala…. damn and don’t forget Nate & Al’s a block away west…. damn

so I had Hiro come by to check out my bearbrick wall since he helped me with a lot of the early japanese bears and then I had to head over to eat some more food in torrance of all places…. we went to this spot called Torihei and damn! that shit is better than Robata, but it’s just real far away…. it’s my sisters bday dinner 1 and I couldn’t walk after eating there. I was wondering why the yelp rating was so high and it was well deserved. place was packed too!

Monday, I got my first day of shooting this show in….

Sean Kingston has a pretty amazing view…. but that ain’t shit to what his garage and house looks like…. but you’ll see that once we air the show…..

after filming all morning, I got a text from Champ who had been in town all weekend…. so I shot down the street from the trap to Ogara Coach of Beverly Hills to meet up with him and money team….

he was copping a new bugatti and he brought out 2 sprinter vans, a rolls royce drop head, a bentley mulsanne and a few other cars smh…. the money team was deep! so good to see all my boys and I haven’t seen them since the fight. I can’t wait for this next fight….
after I posted that pic directly above, I made 30 racks on IG

so monday night was the real bday dinner for my sister and this time we went to Playa on Beverly Blvd which I have been looking so forward to checking out and man this place has straight up fancy fancy ass dishes and mostly all tapas…. but let me say this, out of the 32 dishes we ordered, I think I liked 1. I will never go back to that place again and it’s such a shame since the decor of the restaurant is absolutely beautiful… but their food was basura smh

but the cake from Doans was all G!

happy birthday Jeanne, I love you! I know I have put you through hell!
I was showing my little nieces all the cool camera apps on the Iphone

I love when they dress up exactly the same lol

so tuesday morning early, I got in my 2nd day of shooting at the store and then around town and then some more shooting around LA and at my boy Benji Madden’s studio… much love Benji. It’s always good seeing you.

now I am absolutely super exhausted, so I’m going to wait til the morning to post this blog and I will write all the “tags” in the morning, but I wanted to write all of this now…. I got a lot of work to do and more jewels to finish and I gotta finish these tshirt designs with Brooklyn Projects and Mandee the genius and then get the finalized art/specs for this diamond supply co x IF and CO watch

everyone have a great day (it will be morning when I post this)

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