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so I had a meeting yesterday, had a small garage sale, shipped out jewels, ran errands… what else could I want?
I get a text from the homiez Travie & DeJesus about a video shoot and of course it’s last minute….. but I’ve missed literally 3 or 4 of the Gym Class Heroes vids and Travie’s last ones… so I had no excuse…. shot up to Los Feliz to link up with my brethren

got there and brought some Jewels for Travie to Rock…. he wanted something muted and understated, not big time bling; so I brought him the black on black set up, a Jesus Piece and PVD bead chain and a 16 carat black diamond G-Shock


I ain’t seen these cats in the daytime in the longest!

the video is for Travie’s 2nd single “WE’LL BE ALRIGHT” and it’s another feel good hit…. I think you heard his 1st single “BILLIONAIRE” or maybe not, that’s if you live in a cave without tv/radio or internet because the shit has almost 30 million plays on youtube, let alone was the #1 song for the longest on itunes and top 40 radio nationwide…. but again this new single is on that positive vibe/happy Travie.

I got a small tiny cameo in the video….. but that wasn’t gonna be for a long ass time and If you ever been to a video shoot (I’ve been to over 500 no exaggeration) then you know it’s a lot of waiting around and if you aren’t with the artist or down with someone important in the video, it will be a very long and boring time…. so even still, I walked across the street from the shoot to grab a late lunch at Little Dom’s(secret downlow spot) and grabbed an official Meat Ball sammich

walked back onto the set and saw extras running out of the crib with all kinds of feathers and shit on them….

so apparently there was a pillow fight scene

have you ever seen these contact lens before? they make your eyeballs look bigger (not like in true blood smh lol) but these are very popular in japan and korea and I heard they’re not legal for sale in the states… but IZ’s girlfriend put me up on game…. these shits were crazy and made my eyes look bigger and more animated…. but they irritated my eyes so I didn’t rock them for the vid


they had to set up this crazy big inflatable light…

you’ll see that this isn’t a cape, but a huge light for a scene coming up in just a minute…

now I wasn’t on planning on being in the video… so I came as is, shorts, white tee and $6 faux leather cap….
Also didn’t feel like hanging out in Travie’s tour bus, so I shook down to my girls pad which is like 5 minutes away literally and kicked it for a minute…. I even headed out to Target to get some more errands done and took a short nap too lol….

when I came back, it was a little brisk outside…. it’s about 10:30 and I smell the nice dro being blown everywhere…. my fellow k-town kingpin IZ showed up and blessed us

btw, Travie’s tour bus was plush than a motherfucker….

so back on set….
remember that light I was telling you about?


well that would be that huge black tarp looking thing with bright ass lights hanging above the Mini Cooper…

I jumped into the scene which involved dancing and partying… me dance? no way!


so the scene was outside by the pool… but there was pinatas and mad sparklers involved… robots dancing, hipsters, smoke bombs and that type of shit lol
since I had on a bright ass white tee, it was too much for the camera(duh ben) and it washes out the look… so my homey Quang let me use his nice Cardigan sweater reminiscent of something Paddington Bear would wear and I got my 3 step and shake on…

it was like 1:30am and I knew they had at least 2 or 3 more hours of shooting before they wrapped, so I shook the spot to get some rest in….

much love to the homiez Travie, DeJesus and Quang and shout out to Capricorn, Gata and Jamil… and anyone else who I might have forgot that I linked up with over there

got some TV shit to handle today

just saw the wax to my new BB chain too…. hyped about that shit!

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