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So ain’t shit changed….
to be honest, I haven’t been very personal lately because my personal life consists of worrying about a lotta shit and one thing that most worry about is this economy, but for some reason, that’s the only thing I’m NOT worried about….

trying to drown myself into work and emails, helps me about 20% max…. but if I didn’t grind, then it’d be worse….

anyways, no matter what’s going on, there’s always work rollin in and out of our shop…. Icee Fresh stays busy….
My cousin decided to make some universal/unisex smaller type jewelry and diamond pendants for men that were classy and clean…. so here’s a couple things:


stupid clean…

and then…. we just made this rosary for a customer and it’s a remix of our last fully flooded out 50 carat diamond rosary in all white diamonds, but this one has better stones in it and a better center/divider piece


yep…. POW!

and this next piece is a watch we sent out to get PVD plated a long time ago and remember, I’ve said this before; it takes a long time to send anything overseas to get pvd’d….


this used to be plain stainless steel breitling super avenger…. now it’s a triple black joint! we could always change the dial to a white or black face… but I kinda like the contrast on this, the white wouldn’t have worked as well. I’ll see if the black/charcoal face looks better…. but for now, this shit is clowning.

and we got more watches for sale this week….


we been clowning with these gucci digital joints…. but now we’re just disrespectful with the big donut style bezel…. you can have it either way, just holla. white diamonds with the white and green/red/green official gucci steez band? whatever you want.

and then….


we got a new style gshock in…. pink and grey with the mirror face…. decided to ice that thing out… but remember, we can change any gshock 6900 shell to whatever you want. if you got an all black watch with white diamonds, but want it on a blue gshock? a red one? takes us 30 minutes to swap out your white gold/white diamond or black gold/black diamond shell out! that’s what makes it fun! that’s why we’ve sold over 500 of these things officially with genuine diamonds WITHOUT THE FUGAZI CZ OPTION LIKE ZZZZZZZ nevermind….

the Fly Boys ain’t trippin….


Nova came through to get right this past week!

this is how we’re stamping the back of all our bigger diamond pieces now… the laser is cool, but we make this hater certified!

see your favorite MLB team logo somewhere? yup…. we’re making these all the time, so cop one!

and as I was running to the car wash the other day… I ran into an old buddy of mine….

I’ve known my dude Faizon for 17 years now… He’s been in mad movies and used to roll around with Chris Tucker tight when Chris was funny…. but he’s always been on his own thing, he’s constantly had me dying…. Faizon is a certified fool! I told him he’s getting on my blog. lol…. he tried to steal my watch smh

yesterday, I headed over to the W hotel to kick it with Apolo Ohno and check out some ESPY post events and stuff…


EA Sports gifted Apolo with this cool ass custom PS3….

professional THROAT CHOPPERS!

and a better shot of AAO rockin the olympic tags…
thanks again homey

went to see La Roux last night and I’ll post some pics later tonight or tomorrow…
gonna go see pops now as his condition isn’t great, but I know he can get better…. being in ICU this long is pissy

everyone have a great weekend, I’ll be staying in LA and not leaving due to the issues at hand.


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