wax on, wax off….

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Those simple ass words were all Mr Miyagi had to say to Daniel Laruso for him to get right! Daniel didn’t know it, but when he figured out why and how all that painting and waxing cars and sanding would pay off, his redemption for that work put in was priceless….

anyways, I had an amazing night… hooked up with a friend who I was forced to not talk to because of childish jealous ass acts, but let’s not even bring in any negativity to this post…

I had a rough day! btw, thank you Shadia for your comfort and energy… I love you for that. I hope you get that commercial! Thank you Jeanne, I just love you to death, Same with you Jonas & Francis, Sorry y’all had to see that side of me today.

So I headed out to the OC to get away from LA for a second and I didn’t even mind the traffic, because my eyes and mind were so focused on having a good old fashioned date (dinner + movie). You can’t beat classic… hence why it’s called classic. So I pick up my lady friend and we hit our favorite shabu shabu spot in the OC, in Fountain Valley to be exact….. ate, talked about everything from god to japan to haters to relationships and nothing but great convo… ran into some fans and not to be an asshole, I said hello and kept it pushing, I was focused on being entertained by my friend…. she did a great job! we then kept it movin to the Block in Orange and I have never seen a movie there before… wasn’t as bad of a theater as I expected HA!. So we watched “The Stepfather” I had already seen the other movies… but it really didn’t matter because the company was so good, I wouldn’t care if we went to see Lassie in 3-D. The movie overall was aite, not good, not horrible, but just whatever… there were scenes where I was like wtf? continuity failure in films drive me insane(its the film buff and overall producer in me)…. but anyways, we talked a lot all night and even a little through the movie and about how god tests us in strong ways and about making changes or change in general in our lives and when the night finally ended…. I felt uplifted like I had just sat in acupuncture or in a chiropractors office. A little genuine affection, love and positive energy can go a very long way and it doesn’t cost a cent.

thank you mama,
I appreciate you, see you soon….

I could never be a vegetarian….

but I got my share of veggies in…

Shabu Shabu is one of my favorite things to eat…. can’t wait to hit japan, it’s been over 5 years!

whoooooooooooooo? kiddddddddd

headed to the Block…

Adam Goldston would definitely NOT approve… had to bro, rough times HAHA!

man you already know I stay dipped in that L-R-G denim with Supras glued to my feets

the movie at times got a little scary for the lady….
I was a gentleman and covered her eyes for her

p.s. I gotta leave my OG hip hop heads with a dope ass song that made me smile

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