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big shout out to my little homey Wale holdin it down for the DMV and really there isn’t anyone else out there reppin DC as hard and as many may think he has a huge machine behind him, he’s the main work horse behind what he got now. his grind is heavy, so I always show him love when he’s in my town….
he was shooting at my homey’s Dean and Davis Factor’s smashbox studios so it was just fam all over the spot… the song’s called “Pretty Girls” and it features Tre(from ucb) and Gucci Mane, but since Gucci is in jail…. Wale wanted to show love by wearing a bunch of chains for the video and he knew who to call! his official jeweler…..

I got to the set mid afternoon after running around town a little bit and I felt all the positive energy coming around…. As soon as I got there, ran into my OG fam, CEO of Allido records Rich Kleiman who also is a head honcho for jay-z’s Roc Nation…. man thats fam of my direct NYC fam, so it was mad cats in there I got love for already…. then of course Chris Robinson the illest director was directing (where the hell were your supras at Chris?) There were so many scenes, who knows what will look like what and he used green screen so we’ll just all have to wait for the final cut…. there were a lot of girls there, but 2 of them were official 10’s…..
shout outs to my boys: Currensy Spitta, Mik Jagga, Shaggy Brown, Tre, Kev D, Brock, Jerry, Javier all the dmv cats in there, my interscope fam and I’m sure there’s many others I forgot (my bad)

I didn’t really take too many pics, but there’s bits and pieces I got and I also got a short video of shit…. but I had a good time. I didn’t stay til real late because I have to shoot my new car today, so I gotta be in the OC real early…. but man one thing about Robot Films is that they have serious catering for lunch/dinner etc…. BUT
this was not a good start to my refreshment choices!

orange drink fam? for real? ingredients = sugar, water, orange + smh

and then are you fucking kidding me?

you couldn’t get dr. pepper? deezammm!

anyways, more pics (obviously click on any pic to enlarge it)


wale’s 1st scene….

test driving all the jewels I brought for Wale’


my favorite tee of the day

the MAN Chris Robinson behind the scenes…

me and currensy gettin ready for our cameo…. my dude stay lifted like them white boy trucks…

3 bad motherfuckers


Wale gettin his Gucci Mane impression on…. FREE GUCCI TEE!

btw, there was so much gear and wardrobe changes goin on… it was crazy.
I shoulda really took some shots of these breezies there, 1 had a face like dammmmmmmn!

so anyways, after talking all that shit bout the craft services (wasn’t that bad, just those 2 drinks threw me way off) my fam Rich Kleiman pulled the ultimate baller move and had 3 cases of Ace Of Spades sent over… 1 of Rose’, 1 of regular and a Ace of Spades magnum for Wale and a few of a very rare Blanc de Blancs…. shit was RIGHT ON TIME! he also blessed a few of the folks with bottles of their own… thanks Rich


bout to get ready for the party scene!

I couldn’t hang no more…. I literally was way exhausted, been a long past few days… so I tapped out around 11:30pm
but had the Rose’ in my hand all day!

you know I stayed in L-R-G all day with 2 different Supra SkyTop2 changes on

and again, here’s a short video

thanks Won Hee from Mobius for lacing me with you know… I’ll blog it later
Wale shouted you out at the end of the video

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