Wale @ MyHouse….

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I got so much love for the DMV and I ain’t talking bout the dept of motor vehicles….
Last Night my lil homey Wale hosted and performed a few tracks off his upcoming album (GO COP THAT SHIT 11/10/09!!!!!!) and I always love that when I’m in the house, he shouts me out…. well I haven’t been to MyHouse since my b-day party and that shit was legendary(we shut shit DOWN!) but I had to rep for the homey and Wale I’mma try to make that Jay-Z/NERD concert with of course you… that’s a good look, big time brodie. I’mma also make sure you right for Jimmy Fallon and 106th & park, just holla at your big homey. Much love to my homey’s Bee, Doug, Arsen, Javier & Jerry….

my homey showed up…. Louis Rag was ready to swang, wave it around in the air!

aite, I’m still on a temp vacation…. god bless

p.s. Jordan, I’m comin thru today or 2moro to tap that ass in Tiger Woods on the Wii! the back 9 is mines homey… LIGER WOODS!

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