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so I gotta give it up to Soul Assassins studios for putting together another dope ass event!
I mean yeah, cool that 20th century fox were the ones to fund this film, but all the homey’s were there because of SA….

my lil bro Rob K came over to my crib and we all shot over to the spot together…

on our way…..

Mister Cartoon and the fam set up a GANG OF LOWRIDERS that pulled in front of the movie premiere and cruised and hopped all up and down Broadway then back down towards the 6th street Bridge I assume….
shit looked dope though!

the red carpet was nice and packed and Rob kills me because he didn’t feel like walking down it and I love that he isn’t such a fame whore, he’s more like fuck it, I just feel blessed and will seize the day when needed, right now I’m chillin with my homiez…. he was reppin an Estevan Tee and a IF & Co watch

when we walked inside, they took everyone’s phones and camera’s away, even Quentin Tarintino’s. So we couldn’t take pics or anything….. but the inside of the Orpheum is so dope, I didn’t want to take pics of anything other than the interior and the fam…. they had a mariachi band playing before the film started and we all just chopped it up with all the usual suspects…. btw Rob brought 3 phones lol…
(this is the same theater they used for Banky’s “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. matter of fact, we parked in front of Banksy’s PARKING sign)

this was the only pic I got to take and this was taken when I got home…. I might have Marco or Estevan send me some pics so I can post them up later…

oh yeah, there was a long ass line outside the theater, I guess for the people invited via internet or regular guests? but the line was a few hundred deep…. thank god for the VIP hook up from Marco, Emily & SA Staff…. and the seats were the best in the house! and right next to my big homey Cartoon!

BUT back to the man of the night Danny! It’s dope to finally see my big homey Danny Trejo finally get his top billing and 1st film as a star of a film…. he’s the coolest dude out there acting and not just because I’m down with SA, but because he really is…. I remember the 1st time I met him down at SA with Toons and Estevan…. I was like damn this cat has been in every dope ass gangster film and he was good in HEAT…. well from ex-con to ICON, Danny is doing it!

During the intro’s on stage… Estevan was the only photographer allowed inside with a camera and the security guards came up to him and were like sir no photographs allowed lol….. they saw the juice dripping off Estevans shoulders and backed off. You know Steve O is gonna get the exclusive. BTW, Steve I seen your pops Eriberto on the red carpet flicking fotos of the celebs….

when it comes to anything with cultura or in regards to the La Raza in the west coast really, SA got it locked down big time….. from George Lopez to even the major corporate shit, they call on Toons or Estevan to shoot it or design it or consult it!

anyways, last night was a cool event…. all the stars in the movie with the exception of Steven Seagal & Bobby D showed up (all good I’ve met both before lol)
but Cheech was there! mannnnnnnn…..
I grew up watching Cheech and Chong and my godfather Lou Adler produced and directed their first movie and all their records… so I was a big fan since birth almost. and Meeting Cheech the proper way was something else…. fuck the hollywood shit, Cheech is still down! and he was funny as shit in the movie.

I’m not a big fan of Michelle Rodriguez, but she was really good in this movie.
Jessica Alba looked of course amazing and I won’t say anything else, because her husband is a long time friend who I grew up with too. lol

Deniro played a dope role and so did Steven Segal, but I won’t spoil shit

of Course Danny killed it and for real held it down as the leading STAR!

the introduction at the premiere last night by Robert Rodriguez was dope and honestly this was my favorite movie by him so far. I wasn’t a huge fan of Desperado, but I liked Sin City and a few others…. didn’t love El Mariachi, but I respect what he did for what he had $15,000! to make a film? man…. CAKE cost us $100k!

anyways, after the movie, Danny and Cheech and a lot of others all rolled back to SA studios, but I shook back to the trap and dropped Rob off.

thanks again to all my SA familia.

p.s. to the idiots who only look at pics and can’t read.

aite, gotta head to my korean pop interview…..
don’t forget tomorrow night y’all! LOLLIME BIKINI SHOW @ LA VIDA!
gonna be crazy!


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